Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diplomats help out the vibrant diverse mosaic

Federal investigators have uncovered numerous cases of foreign diplomats - mostly in New York and Washington, D.C. - who abused their domestic workers without fear of prosecution because of diplomatic immunity, according to a government report to be released [today].

Probe: Diplomats abuse their workers, invoke immunity

At least 42 cases of suspected abuse by diplomats - including allegations of forced labor, human trafficking and physical abuse - have been uncovered in the past eight years, the Government Accountability Office study found, according to people who have seen summaries of the document.

GAO officials wouldn't release the report in advance of its scheduled unveiling... But congressional staffers familiar with the report's contents said the diplomats suspected of the abuses were assigned to various embassies and United Nations missions. In some instances the officials were involved with agencies like the World Bank, said the staffers, who added that the report doesn't identify specific countries involved.

Update: Report released


Anonymous said...

These assholes make a mockery of our laws and get away with it. Rudy wanted to give them the boot. What happened to that idea?

F'em all. Get the hell out of my city you law breaking inconsiderate assholes. And take the UN with you.

I hope the Angry NY'er gets ahold of this story.

Anonymous said...

Stories such as these present serious conundrums to "diversity is our strength" cheerleaders of the "liberal" left.

These lefties claim to "support oppressed persons of color". Yet, they don't want to appear "intolerant", by pointing out the obvious flaws in many of these cultures. After all, that would be "judgemental".

Witness the silence of feminists when the Taliban were oppressing women, and the silence of American feminists during the OJ Simpson trial.

I think I hear the sound of 2 crickets emanating from....
Ridgewood, Queens