Saturday, July 26, 2008

Firefighter saves man from Brooklyn firetrap

One of New York's bravest heroically saved a Brooklyn man's life after a blaze engulfed his sub-basement apartment early Friday morning.

Dominic Brando, who lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was face down in his studio apartment, semi-conscious and gasping for air when Ladder 109's Vincent Trotter ran into his smoke-filled home and pulled him to safety.

"As we pulled up, we saw fire blowing out from about three windows," said Trotter who had to blindly feel his way through a dark maze of sub-basement apartments to find Brando.

Bravest saves Brooklyn man from burning apartment

Hmm...a sub-basement is the floor below a basement. Definitely illegal to live in. And this is why. If there's a fire, unless the Man Upstairs is looking out for you, you're literally toast.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone live in a sub-basement?