Thursday, July 31, 2008

City redefines "street greening"

This is a little old but I doubt the DOT's position on this has changed. I really thought this was a Saturday Night Live sketch when I first saw it. When DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan talks about "looking for opportunities to transform spaces to green oases" she is talking about painting the sidewalk a nauseating green color. No joke. (What's the term "cars and debreeze" mean? Anyone know?)

We have the DOT commissioner greening our streets with paint, and the Parks commissioner greening our parks with carcinogenic, hot-as-hell carpets.

You gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Crappie, I understood the commissioner, when she said "cars and debreeze," it's like after a car passes you feel debreeze... simple.

Ridgewoodian said...

I believe it's "cars and DEBRIS." What that extra S is doing in there I can't rightly say. Maybe she was really excited or something.

Not that the place has been turned into a park worthy of Olmstead and Vaux, but there is some vegitation there that hadn't been there before and I would wager that the area of "nauseating green color" is quite a bit cooler than the raw blacktop it replaced.

Perfect? No. An improvement on what was there before? Almost certainly.

Shadow said...

"Cars and debreeze"... That's HILARIOUS!

Green is a color that attracts the eye, so it's practical to implement it, even if it is a "fake green" in the sense that it's not the green that everyone sees from afar. (They envision grass from afar but eventually see it as pavement when they get close.) However, by that point, they're already sucked in and become a sucker for checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Everything in this city is fucking fake now. It has become an absolute nightmare. It's like a really bad LSD trip.

Anonymous said...

Are they kidding? This is one of the ugliest "open space" I've ever seen. Green cement? Yuck!
They could've planted bushes and flowers. Maybe installed a fountin in the middle. I'm no architect, but I can think of many different ways that that "space" could've have been improved.
This is what happens when you have people in charge with no vision.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is selling paint by the truck load. Someone else is selling deadly turf by the acre.

Lots of money involved.

Somebody is buying the stuff.

DOT and Parks.

Oops! No, they don't buy anything. WE do. Even when we say no, these out-of-control lackeys of Commissar Death and Taxes are compelled to place the order and hand the bill to US.


Oh, yeah. They get the kickbacks. WE get the ass kick.

Anonymous said...

Give em a bike lane! Paint the lines green.

Anonymous said...

What is the green paint going to look like by next spring?

I thought this was a joke, too. Especially when that guy comes on with the website that looks like "Dumb on" (I know now that's not what it says).