Monday, July 21, 2008

Comfort Inn update!

"I headed to the Comfort Inn on Maurice Avenue today out of curiosity after reading your post this morning. Look what I saw:
A worker painting the fence. Apparently, you have to cordon off the entire sidewalk to do so, forcing pedestrians into the street. What happened to "wet paint" signs? Check out the poor kid on the bike. Turn around, son! (Actually, who's letting their kid ride through here, especially with the forklift running in and out of the masonry yard next door?)
And sure enough, there was a tractor trailer taking up half the lot as described. Looks like it took out one of the hotel's fancy lights!" - S.D.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA. Serves em right for allowing that eyesore in their lot.

Anonymous said...

Is that a hooker or Pinkeys friends dressed like that to sell 70's donuts ?

In the old days (when I went to Avation HS) the hotdog stand and roach mobiles didnt open till Noon !
Whats da rest of this story ?

Are the tweedy's of Maspeth runnin early bird special's for NYC's dept of sanitation & grave diggers ??


Anonymous said...

shouldnt that kid be biking on the street, instead of the sidewalk? arent cyclists a danger to pedestrians?

Anonymous said...

I like to call it Discomfort Inn!