Friday, July 25, 2008

When Queens had a real paper

Well, the main office is now toast and the Flushing Office is now a cheesy strip of stores.

Maybe Miss Heather can clue us in to the fate of the Greenpoint Office.

And what a thought for the day coming out of a paper serving "Archie Bunker land" back in the 1960s! Queens has always been tolerant of newcomers. Unfortunately it's the pols who have sought to divide and conquer.


Anonymous said...

The Star Journal, founded by Thomas Todd, was set up to keep the politicans at arm's length. It is a delight to go the LI Room at the Queens Borough Public Library in Jamaica, and read it bashing the antics of the machine.

Fast forward to today. Not only is the building torn down, but the plaque to Todd is now in the hands of a developer who intends on using it as a marketing gimmick to sell his new building.

Since we are using scraps of churches to do the same (Astoria Presbyterian?) what better examples do we need to show the spirit (and temper) of our age?

Anonymous said...

I loved that paper when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, it came out in the afternoon, and was a broadsheet instead of tabloid sized like the Daily News.It would be folded up on our doormat when I got home from school. It had good comics, and the news tended to be more local than the other NY papers. Your clip also brought back that we too had an Ex(eter)2 phone number back the '60s!