Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LPC has little interest in Broadway-Flushing

Frustrated Broadway-Flushing residents are taking a page out of the political playbook in their campaign to convince the city to landmark their leafy, pre-World War II blocks.

More than 100 residents will begin going door-to-door starting Wednesday to collect signatures for petitions that will be sent to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which has yet to make the stately enclave Queens' eighth historic district.

Organizers of the shoe-leather initiative hope to show the agency that residents overwhelmingly support protecting the neighborhood's 1,300 Tudor, Colonial and Arts-and-Crafts gems from the wave of overdevelopment that is sweeping the borough.

Broadway-Flushing residents to petition Landmarks Preservation Commission


Anonymous said...

This is stupid. They pay taxes, then when it comes to services, why do they have to jump through hoops?

This never happened when Brooklyn Heights or the East Side looked at landmark designation.

And once the process starts, you are going to get every politican stirring up trouble, or sitting on the sidelines like they did in Sunnyside Gardens.

You are going to get misinformation in the press, and all the cameras on your typicial nut telling the world that landmarking is bad because his home is his castle....and no one in a landmark designated community saying a thing to change is mind.

And you wonder why Queens is the butt of jokes...

this whole thing is both tawdry and pathetic.

Truman Harris said...

Ed Konecnik, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Broadway-Flushing is such a beautiful community. I hope they do get the landmark status and soon.

I really hate to see some of those gorgeous tudors and colonials ripped down to be replaced by a box with windows.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's nice to see the formerly sleepy, polite BFHA
finally get up on its hind legs and snarl at Bloomberg and his doting servant the LPC!

Because of the BFHA's past out of touch leadership, this may be too little and too late.

But they're going along with CAU's representative Mr. Barnes assigned busy-work?

H-m-m-m....more spinning wheels and wasting time.

Once you've been red-lined by NYC's political minions you're screwed!

Make no mistake about it!

Let's just wait and see what happens!

Anonymous said...

There will be no municipal historic district for Broadway/Flushing.

Not if the NYC real estate cabal
(and clubhouse pols) have anything to say about it.

This once prime residential nabe is already showing signs of being on the skids.

It will eventually absorb the overflow of downtown Flushing's burgeoning population.

(That's the REAL plan locked away in the secret archives of the
City Planning Commission).

I'm afraid that BFHA is just tilting at windmills at this late

Too bad nobody acted up sooner!

I hope it doesn't come to R.I.P.