Thursday, July 24, 2008

Huang house gets scalped!

October 2007:

July 2008:

Tommy Huang's illegally constructed house at 57-39 Mazeau Street in Maspeth was taken down a story this week and the side extension that infringed on the lot next door was removed. The structure is now 3 floors tall as permitted by R4-1 zoning. DOB audited the property last year and these alterations, among other things, were required to legalize the house.


Anonymous said...

DOB -Finally doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang is still around causing grief?

Anonymous said...

Why has the DOB not taken appropriate action on Tommy's horrendous 39-39 223rd Street Bayside project. No doubt, some of those houses need to come down. We are patiently waiting.

Once again, the Dept. of Sanitation and the Health Department were called in to do something about the deplorable condition of the property. The Huang's appear to have abandoned the project. It has become a dumping grounds for garbage and debris. The area has a mosquito problem and this project exacerbates the situation. In addition, the property is home to vandals and vermin. The DOB has subjected this neighborhood to this blight for far too long.

Of course, we all know that he can afford to sit on this project for a long time. The DOB needs to take it over and save the neighborhood.

Why has he not renewed his long expired permits? Obviously, he has serious and more than likely uncorrectable objections. Why has he not exercised his option to appeal to the BSA? Hum! Perhaps, his political and other connections have fallen by the wayside. More than likely not all of them.

Can you believe that City Planning did not have any role in approving the projects mapped road "Mia Drive"? It appears on the City maps. It certainly was not built according to DOT apecifications. The Boro President's office, it seems, has had a role in approving the now referred to legal "driveway" which is part of the project. The project was supposedly a one-lot development built on a through-lot. We know that it is not a through lot. One lot developments need to be approved in their entirety prior to beginning construction. If the houses are not identical, they all need approved plans before they begin. Didn't happen. The area has been downzoned and the houses are probably unsafe in many ways. Take them down. End of case.

Truly, it is all a crock of shit.

The Huang's can afford to write this project off.

Anonymous said...

"The DOB needs to take it over and save the neighborhood."

Can the DOB really do that? Can the city acquire a property after a long period of neglect on the part of the owner?

There must be some laws regarding this. Does anyone know if it's ever been done?

Anonymous said...

At this point, who cares anymore? Crap is goig to occupy this space no matter what. I am afraid that this is a hollow victory in a long string of lost battles.

Anonymous said...

Where does he find these architects and engineers that are so willing to put their licenses on the line?

Hopefully, they will be held accountable for their misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Juniper Park Civic Group.

Huang has more than a few ECB and DOB violations on this and all his other jobs. This is how they operate. The ECB violations are for lack of Housekeeping. Typically, he does not respond to the violations and receives fines that he clearly ignores. The Sheriff needs to takeover the property, until the fines are paid.

If there is no law on the books now to correct this issue, then get one passed. The DOB says, at the moment, Huang can sit on these properties for however long he wants. Is this not outrageous? What an injustice. They subject the neighbors to all kinds of grief, impact their ability to sell their homes and significantly de-value surrounding properties.

What is wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

Maspeth could use a library extension. Or a modest size day care center. Or, say, an office for the Queens Community Affairs Unit (CAU).

Certainly, Maspeth residents can think of a great public use for this property. And the property across the street (the house converted from a garage).

So, Commissar Death and Taxes, let's just see if you have the balls. Here's a perfect case for the use of eminent domain.

Oh. I forgot. Right now, the property already belongs to a developer. You only believe in stealing property from non-developers and transferring it to a developer who pays you off.

But, anyway, seizing this property would shake up enough developers that they would increa$e their loyalty to you.

Anonymous said...


Now they should circumsize Tommy
right down to his testicles!

Anonymous said...

Cut them off too!

He's already spawned enough devil offspring to continue the family business!