Thursday, July 24, 2008

City To Spend $68M To Modernize Water Meters

Associated Press

New York City says a $68 million effort to modernize its water meters will help save money and water by flagging leaks fast.

The Department of Environmental Protection announced plans yesterday to install a wireless, automatic meter-reading system citywide.

The network will measure customers' water use four times a day. Readings are now taken four times a year, meaning leaks sometimes linger undetected.

DEP says a leaking toilet can waste 250 gallons a day — about $640 a year.

The agency says the new system will spot spikes in water use and alert customers to check for leaks. It's expected to take three years to install.

DEP says staff meter-readers will shift to other tasks. The agency also pays Consolidated Edison to read meters but expects to stop.


Anonymous said...

Another useless and costly idea created by someone who needs to do something to prove they are earning their pay in the Blooomberg administration.
I thought Guiliani was a whiny tyrant, but Bloomberg is a whiny tryant who is doing nothing for the people that make NYC run, AKA working class, he is only making life here sweeter for the people who "Lunch". Time for the boot out of politics!!

We Light Up Queens said...

Look beyond the bullshit reason, they are looking to beat the people who are beating the system plain and simple. Next Con Ed will follow.