Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not long for this world: Astoria Presbyterian Church

The corner stone for Astoria Presbyterian Church was laid in 1922. The congregation was formed in 1846, the same year as the congregation of St. Saviour's in Maspeth.
These 2 photos of the interior were taken by a parishioner.
The pastor of this church asked the parishioners not to show these publicly.

Here is a historical photo from around the time of the new church's opening. It will soon be demolished and replaced with senior housing.


Ant said...

Yeah, but the Greeks are building it. Maybe they'll keep the columns.

Anonymous said...

Pastor, religion & hypocrisy don't mix well. Reevaluate your senses.

Anonymous said...

"The pastor of this church asked the parishioners not to show these publicly."

why? maybe he wants people to think it is an eyesore, like St. Saviour' was supposed to be, right Helen Marshall?

Ant said...

I was only kidding... then today, I saw this article online from the NYTimes.

I'm mortified.

Unknown said...

I think this is a great way for this Christian community to continue to serve the neighborhood it is a part of. This church is building much-needed senior housing in Queens. The church leadership approached the community council and asked how it could better serve the people of Queens. The community council said, "Senior housing." The church will maintain a large 'condo' in the building as a place of worship. This church is being creative in how to better serve God and the community. They have also saved several important pieces from the church, such as the stained glass windows.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the same guys that tore down the Astoria Institute and built that ugly ass senior monster, or that 15 story out of scale monster on Astoria Blvd.

The fact of the matter is CB1 is a laughing stock in the city with some the antics that goes on there (Dutch Kills anyone)

For those of us that knows the inner workings of the congregation, from its members, or the Sacred Sites program, what is about to happen here is an obscenity.

Is it true this minster received a full time salary, free housing, retirement, free medical, and preached to 20 people Sunday after Sunday?

Is it true this minister refused to take a look at other options, even a seminar where Historic Districts Council outlined alternatives - at another church just a few blocks away?

Is it true that he threatened people who disagreed?

Is it true the community on the block had no input, and the vote was decided by less fingers than you can count on a hand?

Calls from irate church members from around the country poured into the community after the Christian Science article gave the bug up the ass to failing pastors everywhere to follow this example and convert empty pews into dollars.

Blockbusting. A senior warehouse.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

A congregation that goes back 160 years will now vanish (oh sure, an all purpose room will sustain them when a church could not)

Go ahead, take a vote by the people on that block.

I dare you!!!!!