Thursday, July 31, 2008

From a White Tower to an Orange Hut

Gothamist has all the details:

The interior of Orange Hut in Woodside still has a lot of original details, such as the tiled backsplash, counter stools, and curved facade. Perhaps there’s some original signage beneath that vinyl orange up there on top and under the wraparound awning; a piece of hamburger history hidden in the architecture.


Anonymous said...

I know a fellow, worked on Rikers as a Corrections officer, who had an enormous appetite. So did his kids.

So, one night, after his shift ended, he phone home to ask if the family wanted anything from takeout.

They wanted belly busters. So, he stopped at White Tower (or White Castle - a sacrilege for the confusion; sorry) and picked up 36.

When he got home, the kids asked what happened to the food. The dad answered that he had forgotten.

In the morning, he drove the kids to school. The kids said the car stank of old burgers. Under the seat, was the crumpled up box - now empty.

Dad had eaten 36 of these things (plus fries) in the 20 - 30 minute drive home.

My spouse and I used to be able to kill 3 dozen. No more, as I must maintain my ballerina thin body.

But, those were the days!

Anonymous said...

Nothing Like Murder Burgers. Only need eat them once to taste them all day.
---In Parts of Brooklyn the Guidos called them Gorilla Biscuits.

I remember that one in the image!


Unknown said...

Orange hut makes a damn good egg sandwich if you're in the mood fro a greasy breakfast