Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ad on the rear end

I'm hoping KingofNYCabbies is around and not on vacation because he might have insight as to whether this ghetto-looking sign somehow fastened to the trunk of a cab is legal and why one would choose to advertise this way rather than with a traditional cab ad.


Anonymous said...

I work in Valley Stream. The LIRR station here is always packed with Nassau taxis. Each one of them has a ghetto sign on them.

Another new way to rake in some cash?

Anonymous said...

Vacation? I wish--I've been AWOL because of laptop problems, which are now hopefully fixed.

Can't claim to be expert when it comes to Nassau for-hire vehicle issues, but two things stand out about the mini-billboard: it may partially obstruct the driver's line of sight through the rear view mirror, which is considered verboten, and if loosely attached to the trunk, could fly off and be a hazard to following drivers, also N.G.

(Make that three things: hopefully whoever snapped the photo in traffic was not themselves behind the wheel at the time!)

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with advertising as long as the driver's view isn't obstructed.

Why considered advertising "ghetto-looking" anyway? Advertising is a sign of commerce and business. It's a sign of free speach and capitalism.

Would you rather have party slogans and pictures of che or mao hanging everywhere, you commie bastard?

Queens Crapper said...

What's ghetto is the way it's attached to the cab.