Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NY1 expands Queens coverage

New York 1 is making an aggressive move into Queens, opening a new bureau and promising hourly local reports on its cable newscast.

The Queens News Now programming is scheduled to start Aug. 4, company officials said.

New York 1 beefing up its coverage of Queens with new bureau and reports

"We are hoping residents in Queens will turn on New York 1 as they always do and be pleasantly surprised," said Steve Paulus, regional vice president and general manager at New York 1. "I think viewers will relate to it immediately. It's similar to what newspapers do with ... local editions."

The move expanding Queens coverage comes on the heels of a decision earlier this month to grant phone giant Verizon a franchise to offer FiOS digital TV service in the five boroughs.

Once an hour, the 24-hour news station on Time Warner Cable will air a block of local Queens news, Paulus said, noting the station may add other Queens-specific features in the future.


Anonymous said...

How can this piece of crap NY1 put on Evan Stavisky every week?

Parkside is a criminal orgaization and should be investigated by the news media including NY1.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled.

As we all know NY1 is owned by Time Warner Cable.

Now that Verison FiOs is coming to Queens (and eventually all of NYC) Time Warner Cable is getting its first dose of serious competition and knows it potentially could lose a lot of customers to Verizon.

NY1's expanded Queens coverage is nothing more than a marketing ploy in a effort to keep its Queens customers from switching to Verizon.

I watch NY1 a lot.

Just don't be fooled to think that NY1 has a new journalistic interest in Queens all of a sudden.

Forest Hills 72 said...

That's what free market competition does - it makes the first guy strive to better serve its customers.

This a good thing, don't be so cynical. The new bureau is going to need fresh stories. They might even look to Queens Crap and other blogs to see which ones are getting the most heat. It's long overdue in a borough of 2 million.

Truman Harris said...

Now if only we had our own borough daily newspaper, like other boroughs do, and not lame marginalized coverage in a daily's insert, we'd be doing fairly well.

Anonymous said...

NY1 a bunch of no nothing reporters saying nothing on their way to get a public relations job in a government agency.

Can anyone say MTA's Paul Fleurangas or breast man for the comptroller Jeff Simmons

Anonymous said...

Now if only we had our own borough daily newspaper, like other boroughs do,


Anonymous said...

Queens Crap should become a daily newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap should become a daily newspaper!

couldn't publish anonymously then

Anonymous said...

Why not? Ever hear of Silence Dogood?

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of Silence Dogood?

obviously you heard of her, but don't understand what Franklin did, Silence wrote letters to the paper. Everyone knew Ben's big brother owned and published it. The post said QC should become a paper not right in.

Anonymous said...

that's write in.

Truman Harris said...

Why would he want to do that? You reach much more people online than in print. Much more pleasant to drink a cup of coffee and scroll down before leaving home than to try to fold a paper on the subway. Besides - no newsprint on your fingers!

Anonymous said...

Besides - no newsprint on your fingers!

actually your picture is the reason against paper, right Truman. the internet that following morning would have had the correct winner, that's where Gore got his numbers from in 2000