Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bay-side crap in the Bronx

Read this and then look at the accompanying photo.

"This side of the bridges is more laid-back than the Queens side, with lower price points and a less suburban feel," says Maria Paleatsos, who owns MP Power Realty in nearby Pelham Bay. "I'm not sure you can find anything this price on the water where families can live so well."

"People don't realize we're 10 minutes from City Island and Orchard Beach with Pelham Bay Park even closer," says Paleatsos. "When they think of the Bronx they think of affordable housing. Then they come here and see these beautiful homes with perfectly manicured lawns and the water. I enjoy watching them get excited and start thinking they can really live here."

It looks like you have the same crap that we do over here and your "perfectly manicured lawns" appear to be covered with asphalt.

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Anonymous said...

The Gulls are going to have a field day eating shellfish with all that stucco and cement