Friday, April 30, 2021

Yang's version of Planning Together...


 NY Daily News

 Mayoral contender Andrew Yang unveiled an ambitious $32 billion plan to build affordable housing Wednesday, vowing to create and preserve 250,000 units within eight years if elected.

Yang reiterated his intention to make the Big Apple the “anti-poverty” city, but stressed it would be impossible to do that without creating more housing for poor and middle-class New Yorkers “across every neighborhood in all five boroughs.”

Yang plans to spend $4 billion annually on the plan — some of which would come from the approximately $15 billion in federal stimulus money the city expects to receive. The total projected bill, $32 billion, would pay for the creation and preservation of 250,000 new affordable apartments, at a clip of about 30,000 units a year.

“This will be the most since Ed Koch,” said Yang, name-checking the former mayor who cemented his reputation by building up the city’s affordable housing stock. “In many ways, the task ahead for us is tougher than what Mayor Koch faced. He was the first mayor after the fiscal crisis of the mid-’70s, and Ed Koch benefited from lower land prices and a giant store of city-owned properties.”

The current state of play, noted Yang, is much more complicated and challenging.

To simplify the process, Yang is proposing to do away with allowing City Council members informal veto power over new developments in the districts they represent; getting rid of minimum parking requirements often attached to new projects; speeding up the city’s land-use approval process, and bringing back now-illegal single-room-occupancy hotels.

Part of the cash outlay he envisions would go toward converting underutilized hotels and office buildings into affordable apartments and supportive housing for people with extraordinary needs. He also said he’d use vacant city-owned land to build.

Yang made the pitch that he’s the right guy for the job, in part because of his lack of government experience.

“It’s going to take a mayor who is not grown from our bureaucratic machine, who has no ties to special interests to help achieve this,” he said. “It’s going to take a mayor with the courage to challenge our status quo to actually see this through to fruition.”

 Yang is clueless about bodegas, wonder what he thinks would be an affordable amount to rent a studio or room for a month.





Anonymous said...

Hey Yang Middle Class Workers need homes too. Hint Hint Mitchell Lama Program...
Stop attracting the homeless/mental patients/drug users/ felons from around the world !

anonymous said...

Getting rid of minimum parking requirements! Seriously?! Two new buildings were built within half a mile of my home in Woodside, can you imagine if they didn't have indoor parking? It's hard enough already trying to find parking with all the illegal apartments being made out of the single family homes surrounding me, with each family owning 2 to 3 vehicles, 4 to 5 families in one home; it's unbelievable how out of control it's gotten. No regard for quality of life anymore, it's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Stop attracting the homeless/mental patients/drug users/ felons from around the world!
No regard for the quality of life anymore, it's disgusting.

Well, you hit the nail on the head - the LAST thing a politician wants is an engaged savvy voter. Dependant ignorant people are perfect for in their simple minds they cheer anyone that gives them a morsel to eat and a nickel in their pocket to spend on a trifle.

There is only one quality of life important - that which puts the Hack on Easy Street. The above does that admirably. So much for the Citizen office holder.

Anonymous said...

"Catch the blue train down the crazy river" has a new meaning these days.

Anonymous said...

Anybody catch the documentary “Idiocracy”?

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: documentary

I believe Tusk Strategies definitely saw that movie a few times.

Queens Crapper said...

Chris Coffey was running Corey Johnson’s mayoral campaign until he dropped out and now he’s running Yang’s. That’s where planning together is coming from.

JQ LLC said...


Open New York is all over this too. Sick minds.

If Cojo doesn't win Comptroller, wanna bet Yang will put him in charge of Housing?

Anonymous said...

Stop jerking us by the ying PHONY millionaire!

Anonymous said...

“Planning Together”? Where do we see that? More like plotting together with REBNY to push overdevelopment into every corner of NYC!