Friday, April 23, 2021

Garbage barges and abandoned boats in the Rockaways overlooked in city's climate change resiliency plan


CBS New York

   Queens residents say they’ve asked the state and city to clean up a graveyard of sunken boats and barges for years.

Now, it’s even preventing a business from opening up.

It’s a disgusting sight that residents in the Arverne section of Far Rockaway are fed up with — rusted barges filled with garbage, slowly sinking year after year.

One is way under with the crane sticking out.

“For 15 years, I’ve seen these cranes in the water, and me and my wife used to joke that they’re probably landmarked,” said Edwin Williams, president of the Heart of Rockaway Civic Association. “There’s a huge East Coast Resiliency Project, but it’s mainly focused on Manhattan. We’re like the forgotten part of New York City.”

Lifelong resident Johann Smiley and his son bought land that sits on the bay on Amstel Boulevard a year ago. They wanted to revitalize the area with a dock and restaurant, but the barges are in the way.

He says it’s been a bunch of finger-pointing and broken promises from different state and city agencies.

“They absolutely don’t care what’s going on here,” Johann Smiley told CBS2’s Lisa Rozner.

He says the barges belong to Anthony Rivara Jr. of Anthony Rivara Contracting, formerly also known as the Pile Foundation, which allegedly owns the neighboring property.

The Smileys say he is a contractor for the Macombs Dam Bridge.

“That garbage that’s on this barge came off of the barges that he took up to the Macombs Dam Bridge,” Smiley said.

Sources confirm they do belong to Anthony Rivara and it’s not the first time he’s had this problem.

Rivara has previously been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the state for “unseaworthy barges” in other parts of the city.

He did not return CBS2’s calls.


Anonymous said...

If it doesn't have to do with police brutality, racism, or coddling illegal immigrants and criminals our woke politicians don't care about it.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't have to do with police brutality, racism, or coddling illegal immigrants and criminals our woke politicians don't care about it.
Ain't that the truth. They are getting to be as bad as the Fascists or Communists putting the interest of the almighty Party ahead of the Country or our nations' citizens.

No wonder they are coddling up to the Chinese Communists - birds of a like feather.

Anonymous said...

Don’t dig too deep on that barge - could be dead body parts

Anonymous said...

What dose the useless Community Board 14 do for it's residents ?
Anyone here ever serve on one ?

Dolores Orr: Chairperson
Call 718 471-7300 Jonathan Gaska District Manager
Aldean Moore: 1st vice chair
Daniel Mundy: 2nd vice chair
Felicia Johnson: 3rd vice chair
Martin Ingram: 4th Vice chair
Issac Parsee: Secretary/Treasurer
Eli Shapiro
Michael Tubridy

What are Community Boards?
Community boards play an important role in improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Your board can help you with issues/problems regarding City agencies and quality of life. Boards also play an advisory role in dealing with land use and zoning matters as well as capital budget issues.
What issues does the board discuss?
The board at its monthly meetings discusses issues like: Quality of Life, Land Use /Zoning, Public Safety, Capital and Expense Budget items as well as other important issues of the day.
Who is on the Community Board?
The Community board is comprised of up to 50 unsalaried members appointed by the Borough President and Councilmembers that represent the District. These volunteers attend board meetings and committee meetings each month.

Anonymous said...

How dare you said...
The Bartender has competition on the New Green Scam.
Greta Thunberg On "Panic" Rhetoric, China And India Emissions

Anonymous said...

Gaska makes a generous six figure salary- but don’t dare speak to him - he will do nothing for any mere filthy peasant that sprang from other dirty so and so’s who broke their backs to make a dollar. Dolores - another member of the dog and pony show.
The Tubridy mentioned has built a hotel and owns interests in local bars- the token Irish American. He replaced the token Irish real estate broker.

Anonymous said...

The community board is not useless - they are individuals who look out for their own interests first- in the fine Tammany tradition