Sunday, April 4, 2021

High schools have seen a surge of weapons confiscations since de Blasio's reopening order*yg4V1DMwPAJUHDsj.jpg


NY Post

Some New York kids returning to in-person high school this month appear to have packed a little more than their lunch, according to a top NYPD official.

Deputy Chief Olufunmilola Obe warned in a memo Tuesday that the NYPD has seen a surge in dangerous weapons recoveries at Department of Education buildings –accompanying the reopening of city high schools last week.

“The undersigned has observed an increase in the amount of weapons and dangerous instruments recovered on school grounds,” she wrote.

“The increase coincides with the commencement of in-person learning at NYC public high schools on Monday March 22 2021.”

According to the memo, 25 unspecified weapons were recovered over the course of five days.

Obe wrote that seven of the 25 weapons were discovered through school metal detectors while another 12 were found at the “perimeter” of DOE buildings.

Another 6 weapons were taken directly off of students, she wrote.

School Safety Agent union boss Greg Floyd, who wants to block the transfer of school-safety duties from the NYPD to the DOE, said the news should alarm city families.

“The group pushing for the NYPD to be taken out should take note of the job being done here to recover these weapons,” he said Wednesday. “I want to let parents know — you take the agents out of the schools and there will be no one to stop them from coming in.”



Anonymous said...

What movie is that image from?

georgetheatheist said...

5 White kids in a class? Ain't NYC.

Anonymous said...

Hey George, it's Holywood. Think of the 2020s as the 1920s without the Immigration Act

Anonymous said...

Who remembers Afro Pics being used as weapons in the 1970's ?

Deke DaSilva said...

What movie is that image from?

Class of 1984

Anonymous said...

Take the metal detectors out of school Jumama Williams is demanding. I say go for it and let me know how that works out.

Snake Plissskin said...

Hey "Deke"

Class of 1984

Anonymous said...

The left: "Twitter is a private company that can refuse service to anyone."

Also the left: "Bake the cake, bigot!"

Anonymous said...

You couldn’t script it any better. Let the DOE run the safety. Take the metal detectors out. Stop disciplining kids (you know cause that’s um what’s that word I’m thinking of.....think it begins with an R...). More of a reason for any teacher with a future to head for the suburbs. What do they expect this city to be in ten years. It’s literally comical.

Anonymous said...

>(you know cause that’s um what’s that word I’m thinking of.....think it begins with an R...)

Republican? Nothing worse than a Republican, or so the news media has been telling me the last 5 years.