Wednesday, April 21, 2021

de Blasio comes out against Astoria power plant because it's not green enough


 LIC Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio has come out against NRG Energy’s proposal to overhaul its Astoria power plant, saying that the plan should be nixed since the plant would continue to rely on fossil fuels.

The mayor joins more than a dozen elected officials who have come out against the proposal over the past year arguing that the plant should tap into renewable energy sources.

NRG plans to replace its 50-year-old Astoria Generation Station with a natural gas-fired generator that it says would significantly reduce its carbon footprint at the site.

But the mayor, like many other elected officials, argues that the plant should rely on green energy.

“We must break our addiction to fossil fuels,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio in a statement. “The best way to do that is to champion projects that put us on a path to clean energy and stand against projects that reinforce our addiction.”

De Blasio also announced his opposition to the replacement of a power plant located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, operated by the Astoria Generating Company. That company plans to overhaul one of its two plants—which is powered by natural gas‐fired units. It will also close the plant that isn’t upgraded.

The mayor says that NRG and Astoria Generating Company should be building plants that don’t depend on “fracked gas.”

“Replacing the Astoria and Gowanus plants are the wrong projects. We need our partners to explore solutions that advance our transition to a green economy, because those are the solutions that ensure a healthy and safe future for all New Yorkers,” de Blasio said.

The Mayor, at his press briefing Monday morning, added that the plants “would take us backwards, not forwards.”

“They are plants that would unfortunately place us in the past,” he said, noting that it would continue “a fossil fuels dependency.”

“They should not be allowed to go forward,” he said.

It's going to get pretty dark in LIC and Astoria pretty soon. On the bright side, at least a lot of people moved so some energy will be conserved.


Anonymous said...

Amazon II.

Translation: tha local 'boys' ain't getting a cut.

The Tribunes always get paid even if Rome slips into the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

Let's get Black Lives Matter to march against it, since they are professional intimidators

Deke DaSilva said...

“We must break our addiction to fossil fuels,”

Says the guy who has his security detail drive him from the Mayor's residence in Manhattan to the YMCA in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I read through the entire article, and while there's lots of politicians calling for green energy, there's no mention of what sort of green energy they expect them to use. Do they want wind turbines in Hudson Bay? Do they want to cover the entire plant in solar panels? What kind of green energy are they referring to?

Anonymous said...

Venezuela here we come !

Snake Plissskin said...

New York City is now a maximum-security prison. Breaking out is impossible.

Breaking in is insane.

Anonymous said...

We should all go back to candles and kerosene lamps.

Anonymous said...

Power Plants !
“They are racist because my gender studies professor says so”- Most College students

Anonymous said...

Well deBozo paint the fucking plant green - get cracking with AOC.
She is even dumber than you.

Anonymous said...

deBozo and the bartender are not dumb.
It's not the brain washed voters who put them in office fault.
It's the Sheeple who don't move out of NYC/Dem Shitholes and continue to support the Marxist take over with tax money ! Vote with your feet and move...but leave your whack Dem beliefs.