Thursday, April 29, 2021

Borough Hall address honors illegal lobbying practitioner

From the Forest Hills Post:

The entrance to Borough Hall has been adorned with a new address to greet visitors for years to come.

Queens Borough Hall has been given a new vanity address in honor of late Queens Borough President Claire Shulman.

The address of the Kew Gardens building, where Shulman served as the borough’s first female borough president for 16 years, was designated “One Claire Shulman Way.”

They forgot to mention this tidbit in Claire's bio. In related news, there is now a push to name the proposed Kew Gardens jail after Donald Manes, Claire's mentor. (J/K, but would it surprise you?)


Anonymous said...

Why her and not Helen Marshal?

Anonymous said...

Manis was a crook who killed himself,they will never name it after him but I would do one thing in his honor,leave one window on the 16th flooropen in case any inmatewant to. Jump to honor Donald.

Anonymous said...

Both Schulman and Marshal are decrepit examples of arrogance, intense incompetence and entrenched, DemonRat sycophantic obedience that has always devalued honesty itself (likewise Melinda 'Mattress Back' Katz). And, just when I didn't think it possible for Borough Hall to be any further desecrated by decades of monstrously failed political leadership, now the building is soiled and marred all over again with that ugly, tired vulture's name engraved at the top. If this is someone's idea of honor, respect and integrity - then, they're doing it wrong (again and STILL)!