Monday, April 26, 2021

Big spendin' Blaz making the budget money rain


NY Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s final budget proposal is the biggest ever in city history, a $98.6 billion spending plan — bankrolled by a massive infusion of federal aid — that will finance $2.2 billion in new education expenditures alone, documents show.

The document, released Tuesday, clearly illustrates just how dramatically the Biden administration’s recent $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package has reshaped the Big Apple’s short-term fiscal picture in just three months — with projected spending set to grow by $10.4 billion in just one year and partially filling expected budget gaps in the coming years.

It also provides the first comprehensive accounting of the costs associated with many of de Blasio’s recently announced spending initiatives, many of which are coronavirus-related.



Anonymous said...

Just print more money what could go wrong ?

Anonymous said...

DeBozo's New York, actually Flushing, Prince Street and 39th Avenue

Not even detectives investigating robberies are safe in the progressive communist hellhole NYC.

Anonymous said...

Three words..........Property tax hikes.

Anonymous said...

"Three words..........Property tax hikes"
Yes Yes Yes, I agree but my dumb ass DemOrAt neighbors don't know that yet.