Sunday, February 18, 2018

Presenting "The Filth of Forest Hills"

From the Filth of Forest Hills:

Thanks for joining me on this filthy journey on Queens Blvd (between Union Turnpike & 78th Ave) in Forest Hills in Queens, the “dump any kind of crap borough”, where a mere few blocks from the garbage strewn, homeless hang-out of Skid Row are multi million dollar homes in the gated community of Forest Hills Garden. and just a block away is the prestigious K-12 Kew Forest School. So then why is this section of Queens Blvd allowed to continue to look like skid row with constant garbage dumping, litter and several homeless men bothering people every single day. Of course having a homeless shelter a few blocks away in Kew Gardens in the Comfort Inn does not help the situation, in fact, this skid row is helped immensely by this failed policy of one of the worst Mayors in New York history. DeBlasio’s legacy will be the destruction of good communities and bad communities to get even worse, while all the while he poses as some progressive liberal, though his administration has been corrupt and the homeless population has increased greatly under his so-called leadership.

Speaking of so-called leadership, what are the hack elected officials of Forest Hills going to do about this mess here in Forest Hills on SKID ROW. You know Forest Hills folks like political hack Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and the awful do nothing while standing by city councilmember, the dishonorable Karen Koslowitz.


JQ LLC said...

I know who this is, even with the raw look of the page. Welcome back Joe. As you have noticed the winds have pushed half the garbage and the humans of NYC's new depression to the once pleasant blocks of Forest Hills and Kew gardens from Jamaica (and also East New York) so the new towers at your former town can look good for exorbitant renting.

Enjoy the new jail when it comes. And say hi and fuck you for me when you see that useless quitter Karen Kolowitz.

Anonymous said...

This used to be the most beautiful part of Queens...looks like it's turning into another slum...along with Corona, Elmhurst and Flooshing!

Roger said...

You know what this reminds me of?: every street in New York City.

Anonymous said...

All part of making NYC into Ghettostan,the people of Forrest Hills need to stop electing democraps

Anonymous said...

You know what this reminds me of?: every street in New York City.This used to be the most beautiful part of Queens...looks like it's turning into another slum...along with Corona, Elmhurst and Flooshing!
Sorry guys, this does NOT look like every street in NYC - at least for the past few decades, but it does look like every street in Queens. All ghettos are now in the 'world's borough.'

Dysfunctional third world types walk around in shorts and sandals in a foot of snow and hang out strips of fresh meat and diapers on balconies, Democrat Machine that has hijacked the borough's government, bullshit 'civics' run by hacks, the press that would embarrass a Putin mouthpiece, waterfront hipshits that don't give a f*k about the boro, and home grown troglodytes that look like they were picked up from an Appalachian gene pool. And of course, nothing is quite equal to a trip down Roosevelt Ave. at nite. Yup, that's Queens.

Surprised some enterprising Trump supporter does not advertise in out-of-town newspapers for guided tours of Queens showing what the Demofanatics are planning for your future. It would kill the party if that ever got off the ground and people showed photos from their vacation in Queens to incredulous folks back home.

Anonymous said...

Do you not love how people in Queens are afraid to lay blame where it is deserved?

If your local elected officials and community board and civic doesn't care or do anything, do not expect the White Knight. Grow up people!

The Mayor is wisely spending his time handling the problems of communities who do care.

No backbone? Sit in the filth. No one has any sympathy or cares for you and your problems.

Anonymous said...

This Karen K is a real do nothing POS. She got bent over on her high holiday and got a homeless shelter shoved up her keister, and now she is cheerleading for a jail.

Seriously, what is the process to remove a elected leader who is obviously mentally deficient?

Take your double pension and retire.

A Better NYC said... know it's getting bad when the reality of NYC's decline is creeping into neighborhoods like Forest Hills.

Sorry to say that all complains fall on deaf ears, so you need to take matters into your own hands. If you see garbage all over the street, you'll have to pick it up yourself.

I can guarantee you that no city employee or department is looking to pick little piece of trash blowing around the streets.

Anonymous said...

Well this is what happens when dumb sheep elect leaders who invite the worlds broke ass destitute to break into this country and come to New York.
Its because of perhaps 1 million needy illegals & locust people we have no funds, staff and available resources to take care of our own people with problems.
Most these guys you see on Queens streets will not go to a shelter with illegals, thieves and mental cases and are pissed off the government has left them for dead.
They are here because they get detained and dumped in a mental ward for 2-3 days if they go to Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn
Notice how most all of these homeless (the ones you see) are not foreigners & locust people but American war veterans, and our own citizens many with PTSD, paranoia and other mental disorders who can not go to a shelter with foreigners & strangers.
They are also no fans of democrats and illegals.
Democrats are so fulla shit, a family with 7 kids from Mexico breaks into this country and gets rewarded with free housing, Medicaid, pediatric, education, a NYS ID benefits cards as our own people die on the street.
This mayor and governor really sucks, Boss Tweed didn't even go that far to schmooze constituents and future constituents with free stuff.
I think all voting should require a government ID with confirmed citizenship, a tax return and a literacy test. Then the people can throw all these festering progressive, democrats attempting to create a social democracy state out of office. This aint f_cking Denmark, France or Sweden !!

Anonymous said...

come to woodside it is a disgrace also along with sunnyside lic and astoria and jackson heights --

Anonymous said...

But according to the Book of Commie, Comrade Bill DeBlASSio must bring down the toney neighborhoods and raise up the s-hole neighborhoods by plunking jails and homeless shelters down in the former and laying big money uselessly on the latter, so that ALL WILL BE EQUAL in the end. For the Book of Commie dictates that all shall be equal, and none shall have more than anyone else. People that sneaked into our country illegally shall be exalted and treated as though they were worthy citizens and even protected against being arrested for their crimes, while the real earners, who create jobs and wealth for others, are taxed to the point of leaving. No one can enjoy clean streets any more, they must be fouled with garbage and filth so that DeBlASSio's true constituents, the ghetto thugs and the illegals, can feel more at home.

Don't you GET it?

Tony Notaro said...

Third world people, third world borough. Simple

Anonymous said...

""that ALL WILL BE EQUAL in the end ---Don't you GET it""

Capice brother just like the below song written by a disgruntled Jewish Canadian son of Holocaust survivors. This when after years of hard work he just had started seeing success, tour and song royaltee and the Canadian socialist government swooped in and took over 70% on him. Its going to be even worse for us when the millennials, women and current minority's seat a democrat president, house and congress.
The end of America, the GOP and capitalism forever because our useless lazy good for nothing brainwashed millennial children want socialism and its coming much faster then we are ready for.

"We've taken care of everything
The words you hear, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It's one for all, and all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why"

Anonymous said...

Growing up in a post WWII era things were different.
Shop owners would sweep their sidewalks, not because it was required but because it made their shops more appealing. And the city actually had men with garbage pails on wheels and would sweep up stuff like this. Back then we had pride.
Not so much now.
But what the hell, the city is so much more diverse and inclusive. And that is what is important.

Anonymous said...

It is sick here in NYC with all the garbage thrown on our roads and streets.
I commonly see people throw their trash out of cars while driving or parked.
When parked they open the door and "flip" the trash under their own car.
What a bunch of pigs and this city government has let them destroy our quality of life.
When is the last time you saw a cop give a summons for spitting or littering ?
We have become a "Shite Hole" !

Anonymous said...

I think what we need to do is to take pictures of this garbage (figuratively and "litterly") and post it on blogs around the country telling people that this is life under the Democratic Party and its soon coming to their community if the Democratics get back in control.

If these people running Queens hold us in contempt and are tone deaf to our blandishments, smugly stating that we will be drowned in a flood of imported supporters or a voter block paid for from our taxes, the best we can do is proudly show everyone their handiwork.

Joe Moretti said...

NO, shit like this is not caused under a Democratic party, it is caused by a government issue, regardless of whether it is Democrat or Republican. Sure the Queens Democrats are assholes, but really, you think if Queens was all Republican, it would be better. I mean look at places that had Republican rule, like Flint Michigan and the lead water crisis or Sam Brownback of Kansas and how he fucked up that economy or Scott Walker and Wisconsin. So give me a break on this shit. Government period (Dems and Republican) are at fault for not addressing issues and being holden to all the fucking lobby money (again DEM and Republican). One thing that needs to happen is get all that lobby money out of elections and politics, regardless of party. AND by the way, which party was responsible for the whole fucked up Citizens United.

So stop turning every issue into a party issue, when it is a irresponsible government problem. There are good Republicans and Democrats and MANY fucked up Republicans and Democrats as well.

And what the hell do you think happens to vulnerable people when safety nets are taken away, which is what many Republicans want. I am not saying that people should get all kind of shit for free, but how many of you have been unemployed and relied on unemployment (a socialist program by the way). How many of you rely on Social Security benefits, another "socialist" program. AND don't forget all the poor conservative Republicans who are on welfare and collect food stamps. SO GIVE ME A BREAK WITH THIS SAME OLD TIRED DIALOGUE.

Christ, some of you think that the Republicans are the saviors. I don't even recognize this crap today that passes as the GOP. I mean since when are the GOP unpatriotic and think Russia is our "friends" and the FBI is the enemy. I could imagine what someone like Ronald Regan would say about the majority of his party today.

But these issues are GOVERNMENT ISSUES and when folks just bitch and don't bother to come out to vote, especially for local elections, then our democracy takes a fucking beating.

AND stop listening to assholes like Limbaugh, Hannity, Meadow, etc who make BIG FUCKING BUCKS to put on some damn circus show. They are all laughing at you fools as they go to the bank.

Try reading a legitimate paper for a change and listen to both sides of the issue as opposed to just one. AND stop getting your damn news from fucking FACEBOOK.

AND GET INVOLVED besides just writing the same old tired comments all the time.

DAMN folks, both parties love it when that pit all of us against each other, they way we get distracted by the REAL FUCKING SHIT thy do.

Anonymous said...

Most 3rd Worlders come here with the same mindset held in their homelands. They have corrupt governments and no voice in their governments. They disrespected their leaders and paid no attention to law and order. So is it any surprise our city, but mostly Queens, looks and smells the way it does?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the eyesore 71 Av, the gateway to The Gardens, has become. Disgusting! Looks and feels like Sutphin Blvd everyday.

Anonymous said...

"DAMN folks, both parties love it when that pit all of us against each other, they way we get distracted by the REAL FUCKING SHIT thy do"
Yes Joe like two wrestlers in the ring knocking the shite out of each other then retiring to the same dressing room !

Anonymous said...

Things will get so bad the people of NYC will eventually elect a Republican, just like they did after Dinkins.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of other people say the same things that Joe mentions.

The difference is the Republicans are far away, a different universe, and would at least pay lip service to anyone that knocks the Dems. Unlike the Dems, who seem to have morphed into something far removed from the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy, the Republicans seem to be changing into something very different from their roots - lets call it the Federalist Party - a political movement that is focused on the American nation of traditional values, small government, self-reliance, in short, many of the values and attitudes that are bedrock to this nation.

So sure, the Party of Bush and Reagan and Nixon have little to offer the future, but that party is well on the road towards new fresh directions and, most importantly, might be in a position to take the rotting corpse of the Clinton-Crowley Democratic Party off our shoulders and out of our city. Lets all hope. and help.

Anonymous said...

The pendulum will swing back. 7 or 8 years from now we'll elect a law and order republican and things will crawl back from the abyss. I think we all forgot how bad the 70s and 80s were. We can come back.

Anonymous said...

You're spoiled. Flushing is far worse!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Democrats, it seems more and more that the Russians got involved not to help Trump but to create dissension in the US - and this coupled with the Clinton Foundation and the Russian deals, as well as tampering while Obama was in the White House - who, as it seems to be typical, did nothing about it - or perhaps chose to look the other way because it would pull in the Clintons:

So perhaps all those rallies that our officials participated in right after the election (yea, we are talking about you Jimmy V B) were stooges of the Ruskies. "useful idiots" seems to describe a lot of people whose feet are on our necks.

Anonymous said...

Bla blah blah! That last commenter needs to narrow his focus.