Friday, February 2, 2018

Inspectors faked asbestos reports

From PIX11:

Seventeen city inspectors were arrested for allegedly exposing workers to a construction substance that can be deadly, and all for one motivation — cash.

"It’s about people putting their own financial gain ahead of the well-being and safety of New Yorkers," said Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon.

After two years of ground work and undercover sting operations Thursday, the Department of Investigation released their report and 17 certified asbestos inspectors were arrested.

"The going rate is between $250 and $800 per inspect," said Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters. "So if you do what I think one person did, that’s a million dollars."

They worked in Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan buildings, including a hotel. In some cases they conducted no asbestos inspections at all. Other times they concealed that asbestos had been found.


JQ LLC said...

Those guys are naturals for a police lineup.

A bit surprising that NYCHA didn't hire these subhumans, considering the haphazard asbestos abatements going on in a bunch of their buildings. Their unethical and immoral work habits surely makes them qualified.

Robert Putnam said...

Diverse! Vibrant!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate and not a damn thing that can be done about it, right? These folks go away (do any of them actually serve time?), and a new crop is hired that starts the process all over again. The bigger issue is that these government jobs do not pay enough for the life style that these people will always want. That, and the easy access to bribe cash makes this a never ending cycle.

Anonymous said...

Mafia ties to a mafia business.

Anonymous said...

Yes JQ LLC maybe Shola Olatoye will hire them !

Anonymous said...

That HAS to be a jailable offense!

How do these people get away with these things?

Anonymous said...

A Nigerian. An Indian. A Haitian. What do Third World pieces of crap know about building safety? Huh?

Anonymous said...

Diverse! Vibrant!

This is how things work "in the home country" for these beauty's, mamma said so.
Do these beauty's even know what asbestos is or can read a report, use a computer?
I bet not a single one of them was born in America yet the democrats tell us immigrants and immigrant offspring from corrupt 3rd world shitholes, and banana republics are needed to make America stronger.
Hows that work, I have given it every taught, demographic calculation and still dont get it?

Gino said...

"Mafia ties to a mafia business"

Not quite:
In the good old days they would NEVER ever allow this. NEVER !!!
Every family had a contractor, cop, fireman, construction worker son and were very concerned about asbestos decades before the city was !!
Like when we were kids warning us about pervert priests (they had the problem back in the old country) they knew about asbestos too.
Guaranteed these assholes would have been "lights out" long before the cops got to them.
This city really needs those professional Italian businessmen back, its become so to corrupt, dis-organized & run by morons you have life & death situations every block


Anonymous said...

Few people understand asbestos which is why contractors can play games. White asbestos from the Vermont mines discovered in 1920 is a lot less harmful than the blue asbestos from South Africa because the higher the aspect ratio of the fibers, the more likely they will puncture lungs to the outside and cause mesothelioma. Floor tiles, shingles and old sheet rock was five percent white asbestos. Pipe and beam insulation is blue. Now sheet rock and floor tiles are still legally one percent. Italians knew about asbestos for thousands of years, but they were never so stupid to put it on ceilings with cheap glue! Asebestos is just rock fiber caused by leaching rock in caves.