Sunday, February 25, 2018

Problem Whitestone lot padlocked

From the Queens Tribune:

The city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) has padlocked a residential lot on 24th Avenue between 149th Street and 150th Street in Whitestone that was being illegally used for commercial storage.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) had been petitioning multiple city agencies for nearly three years to have the lot closed. The site had been an area of concern for neighbors, who complained about a multitude of hazards emanating from the tract of land.

“I was very happy to learn that this nuisance was finally padlocked after years of requests from myself and neighbors who wanted to see something done,” Avella said. “Padlocking certainly does not completely eliminate the problems created by the illegal commercial use of the lot, but this will certainly protect the community from a number of hazardous conditions created by the illegal storage.”

The lot is owned by Whitestone contractor Salvatore Valenza and was being used to store trucks, construction equipment and debris, despite being located in a residential zone and situated directly between two residential properties.

Nearby residents complained about the loud, early-morning growls of truck engines and the unsanitary conditions of the lot’s strewn construction debris.

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Joe Moretti said...

Either someone is NOT doing their job (typical NYC) and/or the laws need changed and/or someone is being paid off. Something as simple as this should NOT take 3 years. More bullshit in NYC.

BUT this is all over Queens, especially in SE Queens and Jamaica. Same thing has been going on for years on 93rd Ave (170 & 172 st) on the south side. A lot in between low-class typical Jamaica crap apartment buildings has trucks, cars without plates, construction equipment. BUT then this section, which many homes were torn down to put up cheap low-class apartment buildings crammed with immigrants (which all looks like a third world country, check it out just on google), the residents don't give a shit and the hack local elected officials are surely not going to do anything about it, because that is the Jamaica ghetto way. So much for these so-called liberal progressives who say they care about the lower class and the immigrants.