Monday, February 5, 2018

Greater Allen AME Church operating for 20 years without a C of O?

Well here's an interesting tidbit for ya...

The Greater Allen AME Cathedral and Conference Center (the church is also a major developer) in Jamaica has, according to online DOB records, been operating without a certificate of occupancy. They had a temporary one back in 1998 but it quickly expired.
The above list shows why they have yet to obtain a permanent C of O. (Yikes!)
This shows what they still need to file to become legit.
Filed in 1995, approved in 2017? At this rate they'll have their certificate sometime in 2050.
For those of you who aren't familiar with this church, it's run by former Congress Member Floyd, Flake.


georgetheatheist said...

Huh? Whazzup wid dat?

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's..."

Anonymous said...

Laws are made for the little people.

Anonymous said...

Is the DOB going to go after synagogues and mosques as well who don't have a CO??

Anonymous said...

"Is the DOB going to go after synagogues and mosques as well who don't have a CO??"

Probably not

Anonymous said...

The pan am shelter on queens Blvd does not have a valid co either. The just have a letter of no objection. Something very fishy here. Mayor's office hand his dirty hand in this.

Joe Moretti said...

Some times there is justice in the world, not often, but Rev ASSHOLE PIMP Flake has dementia (though they been trying to keep that a secret) and is pretty much out of it. My sources tell me he no longer even gives sermons.

This whole bullshit with one of the most SHADY big profit churches in the country is amazing, but then it is Queens and Jamaica, so no surprise as usual. In the meantime the whole area around that behemoth is a ghetto mess.