Saturday, February 17, 2018

Residents wary of street trees

From NBC:

A survey in Queens drew 1,250 responses from residents voicing safety concerns about tree conditions. Roseanne Colletti reports.


georgetheatheist said...

What's it look like under the sidewalk? Roots in the sewer and water lines? This is one of the reasons homeowners don't want trees planted in front of their property.

Anonymous said...

NYC dose not do the right thing and remove these unsafe trees.
I have called 311 many times only to be told bull crap !
The tree is never removed and continues to drop dangerous large branches.
I even had the Fire Department respond and close the sidewalk and waited three weeks for a hanging branch to be removed.

"The Department of Parks and Recreation has reviewed this request and will visit the location to investigate the condition."

"Your service request has been routed to the Department of Parks and Recreation for action."

Gino said...

Roots near a sewer line is a big pain the ass in Ridgewood and Glendale.
Back in 1920 The Krauts used 5 inch asphalt pipe the roots grow right into it. Eventually toilet paper gets snagged and compressed by back pressure and you end up with a hard plug. When you power snake it snags the root and the whole pipe and soil around it collapses. You then have a complete blockage and have to bust up the basement floor and tunnel out to the curb with new. Then pay the city union guys money to tunnel more and plug you in.
Its a nightmare and expensive as hell.

Anonymous said...

Two dumb tree hating knuckleheads.
Why doesn't George the crepe hanger publish a book on why life sucks? That's all he ever comments about!

JQ LLC said...

to quote at 1:31:

"As the stewards of New York City's urban forest, we care for our city's street and park trees and also respond to more than 80,000 forestry-service requests from concerned New Yorkers each year."

But they don't send an actual person to respond to the poll Avella tabulated and instead give what looks like an I.M. derived from a bot.

I have seen hundreds of trees in southeast Queens here that look precarious and could be close to a century old. In fact, I can point a couple that were overlooked for decades and now have electric cable protruding through thick upper branches like it's holding it together.

If the parks dept avoidance of removing dangerous old trees on the streets weren't bad enough, there is also forest park. The last few times I rode through there on the east side roads there were giant branches sprawled over the place.

But as can be seen here in this segment, those responsible for the upkeep of the trees and people's safety refuse to heed the voices of the public and shun them and their duties. And again, when there inevitably will be a casualty from a fallen branch, they will react accordingly, late as usual.

Anonymous said...

Forest Park is going to be the city's unwanted child for a long time because its in a district the mayor and his appointed idiots dont like. Much like the Dinkings era.
Things will get worse now that the people threw that backstabbing c^nt Crowley out on her ass.
The Mayor will do all he can to screw this district and toss buckshod & obstruction at Bob Holden any way he can.
The street and sewer contracts were already given to the worst bidders, and that's only gonna get worse too.

Anonymous said...

"Two dumb tree hating knuckleheads."
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn right into your sewer pipe !

Anonymous said...

Trees are good for the environment,they give us shade, absorb air pollution,give off oxygen and provide habitat for wildlife and NYC wants to plant a million of them but doesn't want the expense of taking care of them.Only a few years ago the city says if a tree is causing damage to your sidewalk they will do the repair work at no cost to the homeowner but what they don't tell you is the program has a list that is a mile long and underfunded.
My neighbor had been trying for 20 years to get the city to repair a raised sidewalk caused by a street tree.Finally a few months ago someone fell and sued, so he put out a few thousand dollars to get the job done.
There's a bill in the Assembly that Assemblyman Barnwell supports that would make the city responsible for the costs of sidewalk repair but he says it has no chance of passing because the city needs the money raised from summonses.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that YOU don't belong in a sewer pipe among friends? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Blalasio has to be mandated to personally clean up the leaves from his million new trees

Anonymous said...

Leaves them street trees alone! LOL!
I once saw a woman girdling an NYC tree and reported her.
She got a $1,500 fine! Good!
"No like tree", she said.