Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tasteful restoration coming to Doughboy Park

From Sunnyside Post:

The Parks Department has unveiled its preliminary plans for the $1.5 overhaul of Doughboy Plaza in Woodside.

The plaza, which pays tribute to fallen soldiers who gave up their lives to protect freedom, is located on the corner of Woodside Avenue between 54th and 56th streets. In June, Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer allocated city funds for its overhaul.

Gone will be the uneven cobble stones, the white and green walls, and the old water fountain.

The plans call for the pavement to replaced with a bluestone surface, and the distinctive-colored walls covered with a granite veneer. Other features include additional benches, a new water fountain, two additional planting areas and more trees.

The area will have better lighting, with a focus on illuminating the U.S. flag. There will be retro-style lamps added and the Doughboy statue restored.

“The new plans will make it a much more dignified space,” Van Bramer said. “This is a sacred place and it’s a fitting tribute to our brave service men and women who fought on the front lines. It’s also a space for Woodsiders and Queens residents to enjoy and it will help elevate the entire area.”

Dignified, yes. A far cry from this.


Anonymous said...

What, no Happy Colors?

Gentrification and taste coming to Queens?

Will wonders never cease?

JQ LLC said...

Who at Parks thought plutonium lime green was a suitable color for a water fountain. More importantly, that all over paint job looks hazardous to drink from. Like there isn't enough lead in the city's water supply.

Anonymous said...

Really? They're not tearing down the Dough Boy statue for offending POC and illegal aliens???

Anonymous said...

I guarantee No one at parks had anything to do with painting that water fountain green...

Anonymous said...

“I don’t pretend to be an expert on colors, but I don’t think we should be so finicky,” City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said.

When told that some people have called the color, tacky, resident Bridget Knapp said, “Oh I am sure, but it is not tacky but it is absolutely gorgeous. It is life.”

Community volunteers said they will be heartbroken, even humiliated, if the neon lime color they chose is painted over by the Parks Department in a traditional hunter green.

Anonymous said...

Local people in the neighborhood painted the park. Maybe not everyone’s favorite color, but they deserve credit for trying to fix things up a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed there's so much opposition to a bright happy color in a playground. Not everything in this city has to be black, white, and grey.

Anonymous said...

Local people in the neighborhood painted the park. Maybe not everyone’s favorite color, but they deserve credit for trying to fix things up a little bit.

people say the same thing when you go to the bronx or east new york and see big murals for a dead drug dealer with attendant tags.

its maybe what the local people want, but you still call it g h e t t o. the point is that not only don't you see this in the better neighborhoods, but in those places you do not see locals saying its perfectly fine, or worse, bragging about doing it. Yet another example of just how far this boro is out of touch with the real world, but then again, look at who at the characters that queens both elects and worships.

Gino said...

Interesting how the term "bluestone surface" and not "bluestone pavers" is being used here. Its the first thing I always look for as an engineer always looking over fine print and boiler plate in contracts and bids.

I guess Park Slope & Manhattan get the prime long lasting pavers that require skills to install
Queens rubber stamps a contract of playschool plastic and cheap poured slurry mix cement, rock & dust (a by product) wile told they are getting a gourmet meal.
This Van Bramer sounds like a real idiot who doesn't read fine-print or #2 is deliberately bullshitting the people.
I think both 1 & 2


Anonymous said...

The historic cobble stones (once ballast in ships) the ancestors of those solders walked on at their burials are being torn up erased from history?
That is not for some deBlasio appointed half ass parks dept & bean counters to decide.
Those cobble stones belong to the dead solders and to the people.

Removing them is and so SO wrong on many fronts. Ok revamp and clean up the park however the plan should re-use those cobble stones. As in cleanand reset in place like every other historic like in the United States not sell for scrap (or put in special friends homes & backyards)

Anonymous said...

> the point is that not only don't you see this in the better neighborhoods

You most definitely do see brighter, happier colors in better neighborhoods. (If anything, the quibble should be over using those colors in a memorial to fallen soldiers.)

And you know what? Not every part of the City has to be a "better" neighborhood.