Thursday, February 22, 2018

A better way to board up homes?

From CBS 2:

Broken, boarded windows are a telltale sign of a an abandoned zombie home. Throughout the tri-state area, they attract vandals and squatters.

In Massapequa, neighbors count as many as 50 eyesores dragging down property values.

Gaetine Hodnett lives next door to one such home. After complaining to the town of Oyster Bay, her local government responded with a first for Long Island.

The town has passed a law banning the use of plywood to cover windows and doors. Instead, owners and banks will have to use clear boards made of polycarbonate.

The clear boards, mandated elsewhere in the nation, bring light into an abandoned house and keep criminals out.


Rick D said...

I don't know. Polycarbonate is pretty expensive compared to plywood. And there's an advantage to not letting the skells see inside the house.

Anonymous said...

BPA and food is a problem... what about general exposure?

Anonymous said...

The hurricane, screaming home insurance, school & property taxes is wiping all them people out. The school tax tripled since Obama because the had to build more classrooms and hire ESL teachers. Don't any of these these Central American immigrants believe in birth control or teaching their 14 year old daughters not to get knocked up. S Shore and the Hamptons schools are busting at the seams

TommyR said...

It's sort of an open advertisement for "break into here and squat!" Better to keep actual windows up, with curtains drawn. And have maintenance check in occasionally, turn on the lights, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Oyster bay wanted Democrats like Obama, Tom Suozzi, towers "multiculturalism" and "diversity" --well now they have the results of it. In parts of Oyster bay people property values are sinking so fast people would rather walk away then pay over $15,000 in taxes to live around garbage, worse have there kids in a classroom full of future MS-13 or Blood gangmembers.

Anonymous said...

Queens exported the "Crap" to Long Island !