Monday, February 12, 2018

Marine Park experiences Fedders

From Brooklyn Daily:

Longtime Marine Parkers are livid the city let the owners of a small one-family Kimball Street home supersize it into a multi-family monstrosity they say is completely out of character with the neighborhood — and part of a trend that, if it continues, will let developers turn their beloved enclave into an overcrowded mess the likes of which can sadly be found just a few blocks away.

“What they’ve done to Sheepshead Bay is horrifying,” said Louise Quinlan. “We’re one of the few neighborhoods left from the old days.”

Unlike the quaint one-family homes it is surrounded by, the Kimball Street six-family between Avenues T and U sticks out like a sore thumb, thanks to its cluster of gas meters up front and mess of ductless air-conditioning units attached to it side. On top of that, it has a painted handicapped parking space in front, replacing what is normally a patch of grass, is noticeably taller than its two neighbors, and has entrances on the side as opposed to the front.

“It’s hideous and ugly,” said Quinlan. “There’s nothing in the front, no garden. It destroys the look of the block.”

This is really the first of its kind in this area? Kind of find that hard to believe. Well, have fun, Marine Park!


Joe Moretti said...

Welcome ghetto low-class slobs with huge amounts of people in each apartment, various big vehicles parked all on the cemented outdoor space, overflowing uncovered garbage cans with garbage all over the ground, noise, bad behavior from the tenants, in other words, the typical Queens crap that has destroyed the borough.

Anonymous said...

It's too late for that block. It's already built.

Is there a way to get to see the plans and approvals BEFORE ground is broken or the prior structure dismantled?

It would still be an uphill battle but you would have more lead time.

They also need to jack up the property taxes on places like that with so much more square feet and utility usage. That might discourage some.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my nightmare ! I had to watch my beloved Flushing neighborhood turned into a "Shit hole" ! It took over twenty years to happen so sit back and watch all the local politicians sell you a bill of goods and do nothing to stop it !

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it exceed the Floor Area Ratio somewhat? 2155 Kimball STreet

It also exceeds the allowable lot coverage in R4 Maximum 45% lot coverage.

Maximum FAR should be 0.75 with an increase up to 20% for attic allowance.

Anonymous said...

10 years from today, all of Marine Park will be Fedders Specials.

Anonymous said...

2155 Kimball Street

So I guess the Brooklyn DOB office is as bad as the Plan Examiners in Queens.

This exceeds the FAR allowed for R4 zoning (0.75 maximum with an increase of up to 20% for attic allowance.

Lot Coverage is exceeded, too. Maximum allowed is 45% ...

Driveways also cannot be considered as parking spaces.

Anonymous said...

(sarc) said...

Following the zoning laws accurately?

Anonymous said...

The only way this will ever change is to actually enforce the zoning laws and make them tear it down to the foundation if they aren't following the rules.

It will never happen.

Anonymous said...

I like to call these multi family houses "McLowfatMansions", basically ugly ass McMansions shared by multiple families. Less calories.

TommyR said...

It's actually a *little* less hideous than the standard drab-grey concrete blocks/glass towers plopped all over like dog droppings in East Williamsburg, etc.

The jetting (2nd floor juts out further than first) may seem crass, but it's an architectural technique that goes back to the medieval period. The various check-throats and roofing elements go a long way to making it look MUCH nicer than something that's completely flat-fronted, and flat-topped, and totally without ornamentation in any sense.

I get the ire, but honestly - I wish this was the sort of aesthetic that dominated new construction more than what actually gets built. You build a shed housing the meters from view, and covers the Fedders' units up, a little window dressing takes care of most of that stuff.