Sunday, February 25, 2018

Disgraceful dealings at Willets Point

There's a really great photoessay on Curbed by Nathan Kensinger. Definitely worth a look.


Joe Moretti said...

AGAIN, another disaster created by the asshole powers that be. The Iron Triangle should have been left alone. I mean NYC, which does not have much land mass, needed this for those types of business. In fact all those types of businesses should have been located there, instead of all the chop shops, auto body shops, auto repair places that have made disasters of residential areas, especially in SE Queens and Jamaica. Merrick Boulevard being one of the worst and has gotten even worse due to the closing of these shops in Willets Point. BUT as usual, this fucked up city had no fucking plan of action, just fucking greed took over and now, it is a Road Warrior sequel.

I mean imagine the cost of the clean-up of this mess, which will never happen in our lifetime and will just be another NYC major eyesore. I wish I could get paid a good salary with a pension for either doing NOTHING or doing a really bad job.

AND NYC is supposed to have the brightest and smartest. Certainly does not seem like that at all.

georgetheatheist said...

Fence it off and make it a tourist attraction. After seeing Kensinger's photos, the existential import shines through.

Anonymous said...

Damn good essay! Without some grittiness, New York is not New York. The same has happened to Hell's Kitchen....turned into a prissy extension of (another once gritty nabe) Chelsea. Funny how aspiring youngsters flock to an image of NYC that no longer exists. They've seen too many film noir 30s and 40s films. Uh oh. NYC has become a polished Disneyesque theme park. It had been emasculated. There are few opportunities for you newbie Midwesterners seeking fame and fortune in the big apple. Try elsewhere. Only foreign rich can afford living spaces in a tony becoming a dull
homogenized metropolis.
I'm glad I'm old enough to have seen the best of my beloved city. Why care about junkyards?
WP represented the geographical rough mannered spot of a vibrant city. It is the touch of cayenne pepper that spices up a dish. And if you think I'm a crazy rambler....a good New York City FU in spades!

Anonymous said...

If that area isn't hooked up to the sewage system where does the sewage go?Do they have a septic tank? Or does their sewage go directly into Flushing Creek?
I took some friends from out of town to a Met's game and wound up driving thru this place.Big mistake unless you have a Moon Rover or an amphibious vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Into the Flushing River goes the shit.
Inhale deeply, especially at low tide.