Wednesday, February 21, 2018

They're Building It Back badly

From PIX11:

After the tri-state area was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy back in October 2012, "Build It Back," a federally funded program supervised by New York City was created.

The goal of the program is to help people get their homes back.

We get a lot of complaints about delays in Build It Back projects and other issues, but Frank Scarantino has a new one. The Build It Back project next door is flooding his home.

“This wall — they just created it. And when it comes into the street from the high tide this gets all flooded,” Scarantino said. "And the water does not go away for a minimum of a week to two weeks.”

The program is supposed to be helping, but instead they’re causing all kinds of problems for the people next door. Scarantino and his wife fixed their home without the help of Build It Back.

Scarantino told me that the contractor said they will build a retaining wall. The only question is, when?


JQ LLC said...

check out 0:38 "not parking". That shows the level of intellect of the contractors and the build it back officials who hired them.

demolition by incompetence.

Anonymous said...

This program is so screwed up it's ridiculous. Too much fraud goes on in this program. The USA always helps other countries faster than they help their own citizens. And when they do insist on helping us, they always hire the most crooked and slowest companies to do anything.

JQ LLC said...

I like how Howard stumped those goons when the coward foreman wouldn't come out that they were working unsupervised. As if that mattered considering the glacial process rebuilding that house.

Anonymous said...

Gov't spends a million taxpayer funded dollars to lift a $ 200K home onto piers. Classic.

Anonymous said...

If you accepted the federal funds from this program you've been fucked.

Anonymous said...

Um,no. That’s just your own ignorance.

>>USA always helps other countries faster than they help their own citizens

Rob In Manhattan said...

"....And when it [sea water] comes into the street from the high tide this gets all flooded,”

Face reality Mr.Scarantino, you are living in a time when sea levels are rising.

Unless we spend billions of dollars & make miles of concrete berms, which will buy only temporary relief, you will simply have to move to higher ground.

Even elevating your home on stilts will still leave you with increasingly impassable streets.

The government role here is to offer a reasonable buyout and help with relocating -not fighting your losing battle with nature.