Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Brooklyn developer heavily fined for arboricide

From CBS 2:

The city is demanding more than $176,000 from a Brooklyn developer accused of committing arborcide – the act of killing a tree.

As WCBS 880’s Mike Smeltz reported, city estimates say the pin oak tree that stood in front of 299 South 4th St. in Williamsburg had been there for at least 75 years and possibly up to 100 years.

An inspector found it with more than a dozen two-inch deep holes drilled into hits base that left the crown of the tree 90 percent dead.

Now the city believes the developer, Noah Amos – or someone acting on behalf of Amos – was the one who caused damage to the tree.


Anonymous said...

Hang him high on that very same tree!
LOL! Nah....not worth it.
That hefty fine will teach the gonniff good enough!

Anonymous said...

Good. Those developers come in, act like they own the block, take over and destroy everything. I've seen them back trucks into trees or break the branches to put up scaffolding. Too bad the fine wasn't even higher.

Anonymous said...

Why would he do it? Do they have evidence it's him?

JQ LLC said...

The scumbag developer's name is Anus? oh Amos. Yet both aren't inseparable.

I have pictures of recently installed bike racks destroyed and uprooted from the pavement near development sites. These motherfuckers know they won't get touched, which is expected in a city run by a corrupt and compromised mayor subservient to the overlords of predatory and unscrupulous real estate.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn’t pay anything. This is still America, where is the proof? Circumstantial evidence isn’t proof of guilt. When was his trial?

Joe said...

Back around 1985 Seneca & Norman st Ridgewood we hid in my van to catch a person stealing car radios. What we did find was this straight off the boat SOB from Serbia coming out his house 3AM crouching down by a tree with crank drill, turkey baster and "cup" of something I wont disclose here.
His excuse was he rented and didn't like the sweeping that was part of the rent offset deal with the landlord. A "loud" scuffle ensued and cops were called, who arrested him.

It took the landlord near a year of housing court to get the bastard wife and kid out. And when they did the apartment was destroyed, with smashed woodwork, feces and pee in every room. Over $10,000 in 1986 dollars not including loss of rent, can you believe the shit court gave the scumbag a year of last 3rd chances and ordered the landlord keep the heat & electric on the whole time ?

georgetheatheist said...


"...a'cup' of something I wont disclose here."

Now you're driving us nuts. Please. A "cup" of what?

Anonymous said...

George: He means a cup of liquid used to kill the tree but because of all the scumbags who read this blog he didn't disclose the ingredients.

Anonymous said...

A cup of kindness, George. WTF else?
Gotta make a snarky comment on everything. Really taken with yourself , as usual! What a has been clown.

Anonymous said...

Just tell them, a cup of GTA’’s urine.

georgetheatheist said...

Just curious, Joe.

Why did you put "cup" in quotations?

[Et alia: be my guest. Have at it.]

Anonymous said...

We had a similar problem years ago on Grand Ave. in Maspeth. When street tress were planted some were killed by storeowners.The main complaint was that the trees block their signs. It is very hard to prove unless they are caught in the act.

Gary W said...

I want to know if they ever caught the guy boosting radios.

Izayoi said...

I wonder if the feces and urine wrre intentional as a fuck you to the landlord or just "normal" for them.

Anonymous said...

"I want to know if they ever caught the guy boosting radios"

-Oh Yes, the Boogiemen gang caught and beat the shit out of him.
He had been using backyard Conrail tracks as a getaway path then sliding down by Myrtle ave.
He was this little bastard Italian thief-drug addict (well know to the useless 104) who lived on 60th lane &69th ave. Some years later he was on the front page of the news for car theft, slid out his handcuffs and jacked the police car he was placed in.