Sunday, February 11, 2018

Another tragic fire in an illegal conversion

This is the new normal in Queens and other parts of the City. Read it and weep.


Joe Moretti said...

This is what happens when a so-called progressive liberal administration DOES NOTHING regarding all these illegal conversions. AND of course the excuse is always too many of them and not enough DOB inspectors. Well, instead of wasting gazillions of money on stupid wasteful projects, put money into fixing the corrupt DOB department and add many more inspectors, hence creating jobs for people.

BUT where are my far lefty liberal brothers and sisters on this issue, where obviously an illegal immigrant died due to illegal activity by this disgusting landlord, another immigrant who takes advantage of other immigrants. Where are you all on this issue. SILENT, just like you are silent on the treatment of Muslim women by men and forced t dress in beekeepers suits, like Muslim women really want to dress like this on their own.


AND this is the kind of bullshit which destroys communities. So where is big Public Advocate James on this issue or asshole Katz or any other elected officials on a constant on-going issue. WHERE??? OR our shady immigrant Muslim landlords off the table.

Anonymous said...

Yet our inept NYC government thinks it's a good idea to "legalize" basement apartments !

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this story remind you of something from the 80s about NYC and you think the city had hit a new low?

Now most of those places are gone.

But not to worry, Queens is still providing a few every month.

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Islam- oh yeah that's some one I would trust....
sounds suspicious to me, he wanted the building cleared out.

As for washing dishes in the toilet bowl, that's not survival, that's stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was originally a store on the first floor and one single apartment above. Wonder who's been living in the basement and if this landlord ever got the proper permits for conversion.

Anonymous said...

So is the new landlord an evil gentrifier trying to clear out the existing tenants to make huge bucks off of the housing market? Or is he a hero who was trying to clear out an illegally divided building full of drunken bums before they burn the place down?

Anonymous said...

All these will be legal and up to code soon due to all the fires & deaths.

The woman dept of health & hygiene said under this new system the city will forgive your violations & fines and assign you contractors to make it legal and appoint you a tenant (as well as pay for it all plus rent money)
Its some so called "Tenancy Bargaining program" they are working on modeled after Sweden and other Scandinavian country's.

All you have to do is say OK and sign up. A landlord will never have to sue or chase after a tennant for rent money again. The city takes care of everything.

Anonymous said...

True, No judge will order a sheriff to do a physical eviction if there is no shelter that can take them. Its even harder to evict a "family unit" such as a husband-wife with no children. --because when no children are involved the city dont give a shit "they are just old bums" screw the landlord.