Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hamilton Beach, Broad Channel rezoned

From the Queens Chronicle:

The City Council on June 21 unanimously approved a rezoning of Hamilton Beach and Broad Channel, which permits the construction of single-family homes on most lots in the coastal neighborhoods.

The initiatives were pushed through by Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park), who urged the City Planning Commission to approve the plans at its June 7 meeting — even though the panel had more time to review them.

The rezonings will take effect once signed by the City Clerk — which could happen in the coming days.

Under the rezoning, future residential developments in Hamilton Beach and Broad Channel will be limited to one-family houses, with the possibility of two-family homes only on lots wider than 40 feet in the former area.

In Broad Channel, new developments would be single-family only and the construction of community facilities with sleeping accommodations would be prohibited.

The new rules would also prohibit the construction of semidetached multifamily housing in both communities.

Larger homes are often less storm-resilient and out of character in the low-lying, shoreline neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Wow finally a win for Queens against the developers.

Anonymous said...

Flood Bait!!!!!!!!!

When will people learn?

Anonymous said...

So what did "rezoning" change, from what was previously allowed? The article is not clear. These areas are going underwater for good in the next 20 years, so this rezoning is better (encourages people to leave)? Worse (encourages them to build build build)?

Anonymous said...

Normally I don't like downzoning in our already overcrowded, underbuilt city, but in Broad Channel it actually makes sense.