Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Landlord reports tenants to ICE, gets fined by City

From the Daily News:

A Queens landlord who reported his tenants to ICE after they complained about him to the city has been slapped with a retaliation charge, the Daily News has learned.

"Our message is loud and clear: we will hold landlords accountable for discrimination in our city," Mayor de Blasio said in a statement. "We stand with tenants, regardless of their origin, in Queens and across the five boroughs."

The city would not name the Ridgewood landlord, citing a continuing investigation, or the tenants, out of fear of further retaliation.

The city Commission on Human Rights initially served the landlord with a notice of complaint alleging discrimination in March, after immigrant-advocacy group Make the Road NY alerted them to problems at the building.

The landlord responded by denying the charges - and copying ICE on his letter, which contained the personal information of his tenants.

That, the commission says, violates the city's Human Rights Law, which prohibits people from retaliating after someone files a discrimination complaint. Sapna V. Raj, an assistant commissioner at the commission, said the commission will continue to go after anyone who retaliates against New Yorkers reporting discrimination.


Anonymous said...

The landlord was doing his civic duty by alerting ICE to illegals and their whereabouts. How is that illegal? The city should be happy the landlord did that because that opens up an apartment for a legal family who needs it.

We have really entered bizzaro land where the citizens have no rights and the illegals and criminals run the place.

JQ LLC said...

Ain't this something. The city gets takes proactive and punitive measures against an abusive landlord. And get this, citing human rights violations.

You know what else are human rights violations and malicious treatment regarding the way residents have been treated the last 15 years under the Gentrification Industrial Complex enabled by Mayors Fun Size and Big Slow, raising rents at the sight or mention of encroaching tower development, discriminating against and denying apts to renters with vouchers, denying services like structural repairs, rodent and bug extermination and heat and water, lying about not receiving rent checks, doing hazardous gut renovations that make the environment in the adjoining apts unlivable, sending goons to intimidate renters and it goes on and on.

Certainly there have been arrests from these offenses, but they went on unchecked and unenforced for years and now the makeup of certain neighborhoods have changed and the AMI have ballooned, making the market and affordability rates higher, leaving people with smaller incomes without a chance to get a decent place to live or a chance to move into one of those new bullshit towers if they win the lottery.

These renters that just got this victory should thank their lucky stars about the hideous and divisive political climate existing today involving immigration. And of course that De Faustio happens to be in Queens for his vote pandering traveling city hall sideshow. They better realize that they are still being exploited and the scrutiny and harassment is not going to stop.

(sarc) said...

If you see something, say something...

Gary W said...

Forget it Jake, It's Sanctuary City

Anonymous said...

The Landlord is an idiot. Copying ICE on that letter allowed it to be viewed as tenant harassment; just contacting ICE would have been a different matter.

Anonymous said...

And to think you can not hold the city libel if a deported felon who illegally reenters the country kills your child,the city has immunity
Talk about Freedom.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous (sarc) said...
If you see something, say something..." We have a winner!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Make laws that cover just about every thing and then let the mayor selectively enforce only the ones he wants to. Sound like a back door dictatorship to me.

Anonymous said...

I can see if they were complaining about no hot water or trash not being picked up, but they were complaining about discrimination. That is in the eye of the beholder and I would say he shouldn't be renting to illegals, much like we have laws preventing businesses from hiring them.

In this city the landlord is always guilty.

Anonymous said...

Omg.... What a crappy policy! An ILLEGAL can sue an American and still be able to stay in this country? Wtf?? This city sucks thanks to idiot liberals!

Cav said...

We have really entered bizzaro land where the citizens have no rights and the illegals and criminals run the place.

There is no such thing as civic duty anymore, only an official narrative. Truth and reality be damned.

The managerial state (or deep state if you will) was predicted by James Burnham in the late 1940's in his book The Managerial Revolution and further expanded by Samuel Francis in the 1990's with the anarcho-tyranny concept (see Francis' Leviathan and It's Enemies).

So we were warned but instead since the 1950's, preferred the moral masturbation of the virtue signaling and good feelz of progressive liberalism which has proven to be a religious cult and a failure. Nowadays, most fear the inane pejoratives hurled by social justice warriors on patrol for heretics and thought criminals and will not dare stray from the progressive narrative.

Therefore I doubt enough people will reject the progressive narrative and vote against the machine incumbents like a battered woman sticking to her abusive spouse. Or if they vote out the incumbent, they will vote for another, supposedly more caring about the community, Democrat prog not realizing they all follow the same dogma that can only produce the same results. Then wonder why nothing has changed.

Don Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

How can you have constitutional rights if you're not a citizen - just bullshit.

As American Citizens we have no rights and we can't protect ourselves or this country from invasion. We are considered racists when we as American Citizens alert law enforcement to crimes committed against our country by non-citizens/squatters. The only people that are protected are illegals and criminals. That's criminal in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

So committing a lawful act is discrimination now in DeBozo land?
Some serious investigation by the feds is long overdue, to see how illegal voters put incompetent morons in power.

Anonymous said...

Trump is right!
Control immigration!
Fuck the Democrats who seek to import their votes!

Anonymous said...

how does one contact NYC/Counties to make a complaint ?

Anonymous said...

to contact NYC 1-866-347-2423

Anonymous said...

An ILLEGAL can sue an American and still be able to stay in this country?

Yes, groups and these liberals actually give "how too" classes on how to do it in library's, community centers and schools.
All kinds of classes (only in Spanish) on how to get free stuff, get on Medicaid, start a beef then sue the person or landlord, how to screw the landlord.
Its just unbelievable as crazy !!