Monday, July 24, 2017

Fake grass is not a solution

"Another one of those paved-over front lawns. But this one's a bit different. Not sure if the fake grass/Astroturf came before or after the complaint, but the DOB apparently wasn't too pleased with this "remedy."



Joe Moretti said...

So where or how does one file a complaint with a place not having enough of green space. 311 is so convoluted and I have never seen anything to report such an issue.

(sarc) said...

Looks lovely!

Has everyone heard of the nine illegal immigrants baked to death in a blistering hot truck?

Prayers would be appropriate for the victims and their families!

That mentioned, with truckloads of seemingly disposable laborers dying, the massive deportations and border enforcement as of late, one can no longer find an affordable, reliable landscaper!

The city uses AstroTurf at so many of the parks and sports centers, yet we are not allowed such luxuries.

Again I see a tale of two sets of rules...

Anonymous said...

Are people that dumb?

Anonymous said...

Huh? What's the issue/problem? The house looks amazing (plastic grass or not) compared with the way other properties are fast going down the shitter in Queens.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, people: check the link: DoB is (rightly) citing the paving - impervious surface, leads to run-off problems - not the use of Astroturf - although "planting" is often a requirement on new building plans, especially in special districts.

Anonymous said...

Please note the PVC pipe sticking out over the sidewalk on the right side of photo. This looks to be the exit for the downspout from the roof. I do believe that is another no-no.

Anonymous said...

Society has gone completely insane. Based on most of these comments there seems to be a complete disconnect as to what the issue is here. Stick o the issue represented.

This is an environmental issue and DOB, in this case, is upholding environmental laws. I know its shocking that DOB is doing their job, to ensure that laws designed to protect the eco-system are followed. Astro-turf is not eco-friendly, it does not add anything to our natural environment that we need to survive as a species. Unless you want to see people in the future forced to carry oxygen masks in order to breathe I would suggest you get behind this and take other issues elsewhere.

Anyone that minimizes the negative effects of Astro-turf as a substitute for a natural lawn or foliage is in need of a mental health check up. People that find Astro-turf, cement, brick, pavers and other man-made materials an acceptable replacement for a natural lawn are just plain lazy and have no respect for what nature delivers to us. We would all suffocate and die of starvation without what nature gives us, so lets applaud DOB on this one.

Gary W said...

Do we really need al these lawns? People wasting gallons of water a year to maintain them. Pounds of chemicals and fertilizers to keep them looking green. Wasting oil to run mowers and weed whackers. How bout we just leave it as dirt?

How about that last anon. We'll just let nature decide what should grow in my front yard mudscape.

Anonymous said...

The bar is so low in Queens that a commenter thinks that this house looks good??? It's such piece of shit! These Queens provincials need to check out some other parts of the country - Queens is a Third World slum!

Anonymous said...

some anon said
Unless you want to see people in the future forced to carry oxygen masks in order to breathe I would suggest you get behind this and take other issues elsewhere.

are u kiddin?
some patches of grass in this city
if it was just dirt and rocks there'd be NO VIOLATION
city don't care about green
just their messed up old sewers
these random patches of dirt & grass absorbing a few raindrops is like pissin in the ocean
no affect
you're probably one of those who wants to ban CO2
the main molecule PLANTS NEED MAKE OXYGEN
CO2 is a plant NUTRIENT
bet u skipped science class
its called Carbon Dioxide Enrichment
but this violation is all just nonsense
the only reason is 'cause the city has pissed its money away on free crap and handouts to the ones who don't work
so they never have money to fix the infrastructure like the sewer system
if they fixed and upgraded the system that's over 100 years old we wouldn't have these problems
government doing what it does best
screw the hardworking
and reward the useless with freebees & handouts
as long as they vote them back in
just wait 'till the whole city comes crumbling down from endless mismanagement & neglect

Anonymous said...

When I had a lawn as a child we used a push mower to cut the grass. 0 pollution and I got good exercise.
Astro-turf is terrible and I smell a troll.

Anonymous said...

Mindster said...

If you have cats or dogs that urinate on the long fake grass then it is a smart idea to pour white vinegar on the regions they urinate, leave the white vinegar to soak through for a couple of minutes and after that rinse it away with water. If you have one or two pets, then doing this monthly is fine, but the more pets you have, the more often it will require to be done.

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