Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bait and switch leads to shelter

From NY1:

Another building is going up along a bustling strip of Broadway in Kingsbridge.

The community was told it would be market-rate housing that would complement a commercial boom in the area.

Then Friday: "The city calls and says, 'We're putting a homeless shelter in there,'" Bronx State Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said. "That means we were lied to."

The building developer, the Stagg Group, cut a deal with the city as part of the mayor's plan to house homeless people in their neighborhoods of origin instead of hotels and large shelters.

"Why are you picking on certain neighborhoods where they're middle income or lower income?" one local resident said.

Department of Homeless Services officials said there are 359 people from the area in shelters across the city.

Some of them will be among the 81 families who are now scheduled to move in the area next month.

"There's a lot of residents that are homeowners, they're co-op owners here," one local man said. "For some reason, they may feel that a shelter around here may bring down the value of their property."

Apparently, this isn't the first time the Stagg Group pulled this trick.


DeBlasio's policies said...

If James Oddo or his constituents like Yasmin Ammirato doesn't want a shelter, he gets no shelter. If anyone else doesn't want a shelter, its too bad, you can go f yourself.

Anonymous said...

If you are the common hard worker in nyc, you get screwed. Everything in this city is either for the rich or the poor not the middleman. Our society is so corrupt that welfare pays more than minimum wage and the rich just get richer. If you work in NYC, you are a dummy!

Anonymous said...

This mayor and his crew are asshole magnets baiting all these homeless people here with free services and other sanctuary handouts.
A bus or Amtrak ticket back to Georgia, Florida, Carolina is $120 (less for New Haven & Portland) is a smarter option then $200+ tax payer dollars a day to house them in air conditioned hotels.
Hand all the homeless from other states some granola bars and a bus tickets and SHIP THEM BACK !!! We would have be plenty of housing for our own people and less crime and problems for the police.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg implemented a similar plan years ago where he offered the city's homeless a free ticket (Bus or Amtrak) to go back to their home state. Many did go back but the city cancelled that program. It needs to be brought back big time !!