Sunday, July 30, 2017

Illegal hotel busted in Little Neck

From the Queens Chronicle:

A house where Airbnb guests stayed on Beechknoll Avenue in Little Neck has been removed from the rental website by the host and the building was hit last month with a vacate order from the Department of Buildings over its usage as a hotel.

The owner of 249-23 Beechknoll Ave., the cellar of which was being used as a living space, could not be reached for comment before deadline.

The building received three Environmental Control Board violations for occupancy contrary to the certificate of occupancy, work without a permit in the basement and failing to provide ingress and egress. They were issued on June 14 along with the vacate order, according to the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement.

“The overwhelming majority of hosts in Queens are responsible home sharers who respect their neighbors and take pride in introducing visitors from around the world to their borough,” Airbnb said in an emailed statement to the Chronicle.

The company did not immediately respond when asked when the listing was removed.

Gov. Cuomo signed legislation last year banning advertisements for short-term rentals in “Class A” multiple dwellings. But it did not ban using Airbnb to rent a single-family homes like the one on Beechknoll Avenue or two-family ones.


JQ LLC said...

Come on, the city spent all our money promoting Queens as the "world's borough" a few years back and some people and the billionaires and millionaires at Airbnb are not allowed to capitalize? Even Mario's son knows that, with that loophole his Albany minions created for the startup and their "hosts".

That's an interesting location to run a hostel, being pretty much a quiet town and a transit desert. Apologies for any latent xenophobia, but could have this and many other houses been run by Chinese people considering the makeup of the nearby busiest area being Flushing and their have been a lot of events by the park.

(sarc) said...

Why must we say "illegal"?

Such degrading, negative connotations, are offensive!

This "UNDOCUMENTED" so called hotel is but a misunderstanding...

Anonymous said...

So Little Neck is being affected too like the rest of Queens !
The virus from Flushing has spread to Bayside now Little Neck and will continue to Great Neck.

Anonymous said...

It's already spread to Forest Hills...

Anonymous said...

"the cellar"

It was a finished basement with a bathroom, shower, pool-table, vintage arcade games and bar a nice white couple from Poland was using wile visiting New York.
Avella, these old crows and the city need to mind its own god dam business...Go after some illegals or some other shit and leave homeowners ALONE !!

Now with rentals not appearing in public air-bnb pages these rocket scientists have no proof at all. Why is Avella and these other communists protecting these lousy immigrant hotel owners doing FAR WORSE. Are they that desperate to collect hotel tax now ?

Anonymous said...

Avella is a communist with all his anti-this, anti-that, regulate that, no free speech on blogs. All stupid shit Marxists would be proud of.
How about a single bill to require the dam city to enforce laws already on the books ?

I suggest Avella place his bills in one of the suggestion boxes first. 3 of them behind the door marked "mens room"
Whats with this guy ?
He makes change for the worse, like having an abandoned house auctioned (so a builder can buy it) and guess what happened to that peaceful street and all the parking ?
It was FAR better with a couple kids drinking and smoking pot on that property.

Get out of our lives already Avella you cant make new laws without enforcing laws already on the books first !!

Anonymous said...

***Avella is a communist with all his anti-this, anti-that***

If Avella is a communist (which he is not) what do you call Cuomo, DeBlasio and the rest of the distinguished politicians?

You shills in the Vallone camp are really getting desperate if you ask me.

Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...

"If Avella is a communist (which he is not) what do you call Cuomo, DeBlasio"

THE SAME EXACT SHIT difference !!!

Anonymous said...

"It was a cellar, blah blah blah blah blah."

I hope your neighbors report you again when you're undoubtably back in business again, scumbag. Kudos to your neighbor(s) for getting their complaints heard, and paid attention to. I'd love to know how to get someone to pay attention to the one around the corner from me I keep reporting.

Anonymous said...

Most folk in Little Neck don't use their home most of the year