Sunday, July 9, 2017

Skipping hearings is costly

From DNA Info:

The already-indebted contractor overseeing a long-dormant Third Avenue construction site hated by neighbors has racked up about $35,000 in additional fines after blowing off two hearings over site violations, according to the city agency leveling the penalty.

The city will fine B Genco Contracting Corporation roughly $35,660 for failing to maintain the work site at 133 Third Ave., which sat largely untouched since 2012, after the contractor skipped two hearings on a host of violations, according to Departing of Buildings records and the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

The contractor was supposed to appear before OATH on June 22 and June 29 for summonses issued by the DOB for cracks in the sidewalk, failing to secure the construction site, and violations related to the sidewalk shed, records show. Because a representative failed to show up, the corporation was hit with the default penalties for the violations, said an OATH spokeswoman.

DOB records show a fine of $11,660 has already been imposed for the jilted June 22 hearing. The default penalties for the June 29 summons will result in about $24,000 in additional fines, said an OATH spokeswoman.


Anonymous said...

I pass this site all the time. The proposed building looks like an ice tray wedged between two larger buildings. The scaffolding blocks pedestrians and creates a bottleneck at the bus stop. It's ridiculous that this has been in limbo so long.

Anonymous said...

It's time to catch up with this guy put his ass in jail . Does he really think he's above the law ?

Anonymous said...

How does he expect to ever get permission to restart construction? How does this even profit the company? Do they get tax breaks because of the fines?