Saturday, July 29, 2017

Is Calamus Avenue water safe to drink?

From the Queens Tribune:

Ben Geremia, a 60-year resident of the street, said that, in 2015, he saw that the city Department of Design and Construction’s contractor, CAC Industries Inc., had installed a red rubber hose as a temporary water supply for his home.

Geremia took a photo of the rubber hose, found the manufacturer and called to ask for its use. According to Geremia, the manufacturer does not recommend the hose for use of drinking water. He noted that a few days later, he spoke with CAC’s foreman and had the hose removed from his house.

Then, a clear hose was installed a few days later and Geremia once again consulted the hose’s manufacturer to discover that it was also used for non-potable water. Eventually, his home received the correct temporary hose.

Two years later, he was astonished to discover that CAC Inc. was uncovering red hoses buried in the ground and supplying water to his neighbors.

He points out that he was the only one who complained and [although he has no evidence], he is worried that his neighbors are not getting quality drinking water.


Anonymous said...

Demonstrates exactly what is standard operating procedure with this government employee clowns.

This guy complained, they switched the hose to placate him. No concern for any of the other people who had the first hose. If it was this piece of garbage's house he would make sure it was safe, but the public nobodies, who cares?

Second hose unsafe, well let's do it again, now we have to do the right thing, still not concerned for anyone else.

They should investigate that supervisor and kick him out of his cushy city job and large pension. Reckless disregard is standard operating procedure for the government.

If this was a private contractor, different story. It would be front page news how the evil capitalists were trying to screw the little guy.

Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

If you read carefully, it was a private contractor.CAC Industries.

Queens Crapper said...

It's a city contract supposedly being overseen by DDC. It should be the city's responsibility.

(sarc) said...

I have been drinking from the original lead pipes in my home for my entire life without any effect whatsoever!

As I understand it, the hose manufacturer fed pieces of the hose to a group of laboratory rats for an entire, month and all of the rats died.

I believe that the experiment would have had better results if the rats were also provided some food...

Anonymous said...

don't worry
its an election year
Dizzy Lizzy will come in and save the day
i bet she's proposing more legislation & regulations right now

Anonymous said...

Who is this prole to ask so many questions!?!?

Anonymous said...

They harass little old ladies in Westchester for their septic tanks then as soon as the water reaches NYC they pollute it with backed up sewage and decaying pipes!