Saturday, July 1, 2017

Why trains derail

From NBC:

Exclusive video obtained by the I-Team shows MTA workers cleaning up dangerous, unsecured rail equipment Thursday, after an I-Team report on Wednesday identified multiple subway lines with loose spare parts scattered on their tracks.


JQ LLC said...

Those rails look like they are not even usable. Why don't they sell them for scrap and put it in a signal modernization fund of some sort?

Yet again, the worst transit system in the universe takes responsibility and action when the reporters show up (and they still left a giant rail behind unsecured) It's like how the stairs finally got done at Lefferts Blvd when CBS local appeared there to ask about the slow pace of the elevator being built.

Fuck The MTA

Anonymous said...

They work for the city. Why have pride in their work? They get paid either way!

A train derails? I smell overtime!

They retire on 75% pay after 25 years.

God bless the unions!

Anonymous said...

I smell a jealous person not overtime.
Most of the large work at the MTA is being done by private contractors not city workers.
And no one gets 75% after 25 years on their pension.
God bless the working man !

Anonymous said...

Come on people, we have all seen this stuff on the tracks for years - likely something that has been done for decades.

They leave it there until the do a routine clean up from time to time.

Once in a million miles one gets out of line and creates an accident. That cost is likely in tiny factions than if they kept every mile immaculate.