Monday, July 10, 2017

Queens Blvd will get new building at site of 2001 fire

From Sunnyside Post:

A developer filed plans Monday for a 6 story, 19-unit complex to go up Queens Boulevard on the empty lot next to Starbucks, according to Building Dept. records.

The building would go up at 46-11 Queens Boulevard, a lot that has been abandoned since a fire tore through the corner of 46th Street and Queens Boulevard in June 2001.

Since the fire, a new building went up on the corner of 46th Street/Queens Blvd that houses Starbucks—which opened in 2006—and T-Mobile. However, 46-11 Queens Boulevard has remained empty and the owner has faced complaints over the years about the construction fence being dangerous and garbage over the years.


Anonymous said...

Slow down!

Its only been 16 years!

Let's not by hasty!

Anonymous said...

Wondeful.... More people on the trains. Just what we need!

Anonymous said...

16 years it took?

Lovely. Will it take 16 years to get permission to rebuild the stores in KGH and Flushing that burned down? We'll get the Vleigh Place shopping area back in 2033.

Anonymous said...

Queens is slow, real slow