Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kissena Park tennis courts need better maintenance

From CBS 2:

They claim the city has left their local tennis courts in disarray.

The Har-Tru clay courts require a lot of water to stay solid and safe. When they dry out, holes develop in the clay and nails start to surface.

Residents said the sprinkler’s timer system lasted only one season. Now someone from the parks department manually turns the sprinklers on, but the water doesn’t even reach the entire court.

CBS2 asked a parks employee to explain, but he wouldn’t say much.

“The people who put it in, they were supposed to – well, I don’t want to say,” he said.


Anonymous said...

The maintenance in city parks (outside of Manhattan of course) in general is terrible.

georgetheatheist said...

And some want "single-payer" (i.e. collectivist) health insurance?

If the private businessmen and Queensites the late Fred and his son Donald Trump were involved here, do you think this government on-going neglect would have happened?

Anonymous said...

The city does not maintain things because it does the Democratic Party little good to do those things. Remember, the city does nothing for you and me: it exists for one purpose - to sustain the Democratic Party. Let's examine this as it provides a great point to illustrate:

1. Maintenance is a no win situation. If you clean it then it shows the community that you are responsible for something. We know the borderline types that run for public office can barely coordinate a borough hall meeting (remember the ad that showed city hall and an address in Missouri?) -ergo they have devised the 311 system to make you feel good, but does little except let them off the hook - which is it main purpose. Besides, it they bring up maintenance, it is often caused by targeted Democrat party groups abusing spaces, and the half-assed cleaning is done by targeted Democratic interest groups, so the less said, the better for all concerned (except, of course the community - but since they have no alternatives in a one party state its no big deal)

2. Capital projects go to the well connected (i.e. spent not where its needed, but in places no one yet lives except on the planning boards of new projects) and employ big union labor - its so fun to see the endorsements for Democrats coming from three groups - Democratic Clubs, developers, and Big Labor.

3. THE PHOTO OP! yes, friends, the front pages of all the Queens weeklies show a whole line of people in shovels, or if finished, beaming parents and 'park friends' standing next to the local politician that looks like they would rather be someplace else, or worse, stands there with a half-smile and eyes that betray they barely understand what the hoopla is about except to give the gullible the impression that they care.

Anonymous said...

All parks need more maintenance in Queens !

Anonymous said...

Look who's working in the Parks Department and that will explain why everything looks like crap and doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Flooshing Chinatown.....who cares about squat?
If improved would turn crappy soon afterward.
Look who lives there!

Anonymous said...

They can't plant a tree or cut a lawn.

Gary w said...

Clay courts? That really was asking a lot from the parks dept.

Anon above is spot on in his assessment. Maybe if a bunch of illegals wanted to play on clay courts they would be maintained.

Anonymous said...

There are 300 courts (and more every year) in a public park a few miles away-- Flushing Meadows-- correct? Perhaps the city expects tennis players to just walk in and use those. I'm sure there is no fee since it's a PUBLIC PARK, right?

Anonymous said...

Let's play tennis with the rats too.