Friday, July 21, 2017

Whitestone asks FAA to reroute helicopters

From PIX11:

Neighbors in Queens are sounding an alarm after a helicopter with two people inside made a water landing off the south shore of Long Island on Wednesday.

"We Love Whitestone" is a group created a number of years ago. Members joined with some other neighborhoods and people in Astoria, Queens to bring attention to the air traffic above their homes.

Alfredo Centola is a founding member of the Whitestone group. He has shared videos with PIX11 of helicopters flying over their homes. They run a website where neighbors can file reports and they also say they have set up sensors that track aircraft.

They're asking the Federal Aviation Administration to review the official flight plan that brings choppers and sea-planes over northwestern Queens. The neighbors point out the same path requires aircraft to fly along the water farther south in certain parts of Long Island's North Shore.


Anonymous said...

We also need to fight the closing of Rikers Island. Because if that closes they want to put in a third runway at LGA and if that happens the airplane noise is going to be a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

Where is Queens Quiet Skies ?

Anonymous said...

I have made many complaints to the FAA about the NextGen flight patterns affecting North Whitestone with terrible Jet noise and air pollution. Nothing has changed the planes and helicopters will continue flying over our homes and schools because big money will win every time.
I can't wait to move the F#cK out of NYC !

Anonymous said...

Divert them over Trump's Throgg's Neck golf course in da Bronx.

Anonymous said...

Early last night they dumped aviation fuel on Whitestone

Anonymous said...

You mean Trump Links (Bronx)?