Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Van Bramer opposed to affordable housing project

From Sunnyside Post:

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has told the Sunnyside Post that he will block Phipps Houses’ proposal to build a 10-story residential development on Barnett Avenue, essentially killing the controversial development plan.

Van Bramer said Phipps’ proposal, which would bring 208 units—all affordable—to 50-25 Barnett Ave., was too big and out of scale with the neighborhood.

“Ten stories is out of character and inconsistent with the rest of the neighborhood,” Van Bramer said. “It’s across the street from the existing Phipps [Phipps Garden Apartments], which would be dwarfed by this.”

Phipps, a non-profit developer, is seeking a zoning change in order to build on the Barnett lot that is currently zoned for manufacturing. As part of the rezoning process, the City Council must approve the change.

Van Bramer essentially decides whether the council will vote it up or down, since it is council protocol for members to follow the recommendation of the local representative.

“They can’t build this building without my approval,” he said.


Anonymous said...

"Phipps, a non-profit developer"

Huh? isn't that a contradiction in terms? An oxymoron in other words.

JQ LLC said...

“They can’t build this building without my approval,” he said.

but mostly without a sweet bribe, I mean campaign or party contribution.

...since it is council protocol for members to follow the recommendation of the local representative.

council protocol=sweet bribe or campaign or party contribution

they really set themselves up.

Anonymous said...

Is it too close to the SOB's home?
JVB is now reaping the corruption he has sowed...right up his tookas in his own backyard. What's that , Councilman Jimmy, NIMBY?
Now it's your turn in the barrel, me lad! Enjoy!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Jimmy Van Bramer is a phony as a three dollar bill!
He's sold out his district to developers, and now his chickens are coming home to roost.
Dontcha just love it when a crook gets robbed by his own gang?

Anonymous said...

I thought the city realized years ago that 100% "affordable housing" housing projects don't work?

Anonymous said...

I guess Jimbo didn't contribute enough.
Wait til this douche tries to be Mayor------it's coming...

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting to hear about the legislation that he recklessly proposed in front of the entire community on landmarks back in March.

And if he was not completely full of crap, he should have called for an investigation of the LPC after that Elks Building fiasco.

But not Jimmy. All mincing whine and no chutzba.

What a gutless wonder. With people like this in office we can understand why we have Donald Trumps.

Anonymous said...

This will still happen...eventually as a scaled down version of the original plan. And the community will accept it. The same as when the MTA proposes to raise the fare 50 cents bet at the last minute makes it 25 the sheeple will accept it.