Thursday, June 2, 2016

Flushing West dead

From the Crains:

The de Blasio administration abruptly scrapped plans to rezone a portion of Flushing, Queens, last week in response to problems with the proposal. The neighborhood was set to be one of 15 areas that would be targeted for residential development in order to advance the mayor’s affordable-housing agenda.

On Friday, City Councilman Peter Koo, who represents the area, sent a letter to the Department of City Planning outlining his objections to turning 11 industrial blocks between the polluted Flushing Creek and the terminus of the No. 7 train into a new neighborhood, Flushing West, that would include retail, open space and affordable apartments. That same day, the head of the department wrote back that the city shared many of his concerns, and would withdraw its plan.

"We will turn our attention and our priority to planning efforts to other neighborhoods," wrote Carl Weisbrod, head of the planning department.

The about-face means that the city will have to look for another neighborhood to be part of the 15 rezonings Mayor Bill de Blasio promised in the spring of 2014, when he announced his Housing New York plan. So far, the city has approved its first overhaul in Brooklyn's East New York and has announced similar intentions for a handful of other areas in the city.

A rezoned Flushing West would have potentially sprouted 1,600 apartments, affordable and market-rate. But Koo envisioned a number of complications along with strains on the area’s infrastructure and transportation, some of which resonated with city officials.

Ok, so does Shulman have to give back her grant money now?


Anonymous said...

This is just temporary. . This plan will see the light of day ...eventually.

Anonymous said...

Right 1600 apartments and 100,000+ people and their cars and garbage! Flushing needs to lose people, not gain them!

Anonymous said...

This is great but don't take the distraction, the City and City Planning still thought it was a good idea. Hence, really really bad. For anyone to have even suggested stuffing in 1,600 apartments into an area that is already so over developed, dirty, crowded and smelly is incomprehensible!!! We need to get these horrible people out of their posts.

It's just a matter of time before someone else comes along with a really "beautiful" development plan, the infrastructure is what's going to hold everything up and it's a mess no matter how hard they try to cover it up.

(sarc) said...

Peter Koo will be punished for this...

Anonymous said...'d have to make reservations to get on the 7 train.

Anonymous said...

Just an inconvenient postponement until the heat on the Mayor dies down.

Jerry Rotondi, longtime activist said...

A brief story.
Yesterday I was waiting for an eastbound bus at the intersection of Parsons and Northern.

An elderly Chinese woman inquired if the Q28 stopped there. She said she was bound for 162 Street to shop.
"It's cooler there", she exclaimed. "Too many buildings here. Too many people. Too many cars and buses. Hot"!
Then she pointed out the building she lived in to me nearby. I added, "And no trees to shade us either"!
She nodded in agreement.

There you have it Community Bored 7! Keep on approving overdevelopment in an underserved neighborhood.

Flushing is already overbuilt beyond redemption. The #7 train stinks. It cannot serve the burgeoning population any more.
The streets are hot and stinky too.

So now Peter Koo has found "religion" and nixed Flushing West. Kudos to Koo on that! My hat is off to you sir!

But....what about you having ignored the needs of Flushing for years? Concerned about your political career instead of its inhabitants, you have chosen overbuilding until it's seams burst open. Well, they have. But developers' campaign contributions are far more important than the quality of life of all your constituents.

Dump,this ineffective councilman. Clean out CB7 of its musty, political butt kissers too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ever dies in city planning. This was just shelved until the future.
Now, when will Claire Shulman and Wellington Chen be served with federal subpoenas?

Anonymous said...

They will build something there some day just not now. First they need to clean the fucking sludge in the creek and clean up all the waste. They can do that by turning it into a superfund site like the Gowanus.

Anonymous said...

why dont they develop the land up North? That is the land behind the RKO. That area is a blight.

that said,...still need the infrastructure but still, least that land is not as crazy overcrowded as the Flushing West proposal.

Anonymous said...

Peter Koo must have donated to DeBlasio to get this scrapped. Someone will come along and donate more to have it resurrected.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. We don't need any more development over there or in the city for that matter. I hope they don't try to bring this stupid idea back down the road though

Anonymous said...

It looks like their plans to create the mega cities are rolling here in NY too, its not just in South California. Here they come implementing agenda 21.:(:(:(

Anonymous said...

If NYC isn't a "mega-city", what is?

(sarc) said...

This is just development gone wild, not agenda 21.

Agenda 21 requires environmental infrastructure for water, sanitation, drainage and solid-waste management, as well as sustainable energy and transport systems, sustainable construction industry activities.

I do not see any of this in the plans.

For all we know they could dump all their wastewater into the creek and no one would notice...

JQ LLC said...

Here is the blowback from the ongoing investigations involving Mayor Big Slow, his developer and bankster appointees and the agents of the city. It's funny how the kibosh was put on this, but the behemoth luxury towers with the renovated library in brooklyn are being built, according to former Goldman Sachs executive Alicia Glen, no matter what.

Roost away chickens. And karma, drop it on their heads

Anonymous said...

""means that the city will have to look for another neighborhood to be part of Bill de Blasio's"

Oh bullshit, put the mayor in a mental ward and have another election.
I'm glad to here now he's even pissing off the Asians

Anonymous said...

Develop the land behind the Keith's? You must own the property. Flushing is already overbuilt. Uh, and there were plans to develop the northeast corner of Prince and 35 Ave. Let's squeeze 10 lbs of shit in that 5 lb bag known as Flushing north. Yeah, right. Which developer's dick are you on?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile who the FUCK put 3!!!!! speed bumps on 32nd Avenue by Bowne Park?
These people need to go away for a long time.
If my car gets damaged you'll see a big lawsuit MOTHERFUCKERS!

Anonymous said...

"If my car gets damaged you'll see a big lawsuit MOTHERFUCKERS!"
I doubt that you can sue for a speed bump and win. Just slow down and drive within the posted speed limit and your car will be fine. There are many children that cross the streets near Bowne Park so please every one slow down.

Anonymous said...

I don't drive on 32 Ave any more. You should all stop driving on 32 Ave. My source said Paul Vallone requested the 3 Speed Bumps on 32 Ave front of Bowne Park. If we all boycot 32 Ave, overload the other Aves maybe, eventually they'll remove them and do something else.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that you can sue for a speed bump and win

Just watch.Has been done before.What you doubt is no concern of mine.

Just slow down and drive within the posted speed limit and your car will be fine

Mental midget, the posted speed limit is 25 Mph. To go over the bumps requires 15Mph or your suspension will go.

There are many children that cross the streets near Bowne Park so please every one slow down.

Is that so? How about speed bumps on Bayside Av.? Not a chance, the buses will not negotiate speed bumps.
Has it occurred to you that maybe there will be an emergency and the police, EMS, FD has to take these bumps into consideration while responding to the emergency?
Nobody can be this brain dead buddy.

Anonymous said...

My source said Paul Vallone requested the 3 Speed Bumps on 32 Ave front of Bowne Park

Probably right, too many cars on his street for this royalty.

Anonymous said...

>Just slow down and drive within the posted speed limit

Vision Zero has set speed limits artificially slow. You can't expect people to respect nonsense laws, especially ones that lead to absurd fines and damaged cars.

Anonymous said...

If they are going to throw up speed bumps for the park on 32nd ave then they should throw up speed bumps on 160th st and on Bayside Ave. unless you expect people to only go to the park from 32nd ave., really? Also when did North Flushing turn into the unofficial road test course? People can't even drive past 25 mph since there's a student driver on the road going 23 mph all times of the day every day.