Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Donor admits bundling for a quid pro quo

From the NY Post:

A high-profile cabby advocate whose wife needs the city’s OK for a women-only livery service admitted to The Post on Monday that he raised campaign cash for Mayor Bill de Blasio and funneled it through an unemployed Brooklyn woman.

Fernando Mateo, founder of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, came clean about the blatant violation of election law after The Post learned he had personally solicited a donation for Hizzoner and then had Ahlam Jaoui take credit for it.

The 31-year-old Bay Ridge woman, who has no political or fundraising experience, claims in campaign finance records to have collected 15 donations totaling $18,800 that were given to the de Blasio campaign in January.

Mateo, a well-known Republican supporter, told The Post that he “called my people” to give money to Democrat de Blasio’s campaign and had Jaoui take credit for the donations. Mateo’s name does not appear on Jaoui’s January campaign finance report.

He claims that his motive was to help Jaoui land a city job.


Anonymous said...

Did Mateo lose his wife to a vicious crime in Brooklyn some 25 years ago?

Anonymous said...

A Shame for my community. dont know why Telemundo & Univision are not following this story.

Anonymous said...

No smoking gun (check with the memo line saying 'for political favors'). With the new SCOTUS ruling they can't prove anything!

Anonymous said...

Another nail for DeBlasio's coffin.

JQ LLC said...

citizens united, mccutchin, and now the McDonnell Decision has now decriminalized, legalized and legitimatized government bribery and graft.

There is no way now to take our country back.

Maybe Mateo feels, like all the other elected hack scum that he has done nothing out of the ordinary and illegal because it is what's expected to make government work.

Fuck these fucking fucks