Saturday, June 25, 2016

Police ignore dumped trailer under LIRR

From Cleanup Jamaica Queens:

At around 11:00am I saw a large tractor trailer waste trucks parked in the 170 LIRR Tunnel. I reported it to 311 and eventually go this response:

Service Request #: C1-1-1269576281
Date Submitted: 06/24/16 4:37:11 PM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary.

Which is funny because around 4pm, when I went by, the same truck was there without the cab, so there was just an abandoned container and another tractor trailer waste truck parked right behind it. This blatant illegal activity is going on with all of the LIRR Tunnels in the downtown Jamaica area. I guess if terrorist wanted to blow up the LIRR some day, just come out to Jamaica, put a truck in one of these tunnels with explosives and have a field day, because no one is going to stop you from parking a large truck there.


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Joe Moretti said...

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Yesterday, I sent information to the FBI in NY. Let's see what happens about an issue that has been going on for too long here in Jamaica (especially with the LIRR tunnels).

Anonymous said...

Yes! Call homeland security!!

Camel bladder said...

Another feather merchant government employee who won't do their job and can't be fired or held responsible. Unless we have leadership at the top that will make it policy to break balls on shit heads like this and punish them nothing will change

Unknown said...

This needs to b escalated. Call NY1. They'll b there in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Clear violation of the law and a very dangerous situation.
Hope someone does not run into the trailer and get seriously hurt.

georgetheatheist said...

Call 311: See something. Say something. Then F yourself.

georgetheatheist said...

Not to worry, folks. The United States Congressman, Gregory Meeks, has just woken up (after his strenuous House sit-in) from his coma and been informed of this dangerous issue on Joe Moretti’s sterling blog site.

Anonymous said...

In the old days you would call your councilman - whose family likely would be using the tunnel themselves.

311 is bullshit to get your councilman off the hook and in the hock to developers.

Anonymous said...

Also happens on Union Tpke under the Grand Central near Alley Pond Park. Almost always a trailer with no cab parked there. I'm only in that area on weekends, so I don't know if it's always the same trailer or if it's only on weekends. I guess these spots are nice and shady, for shady activity.

Anonymous said...

call the mta police

Jamaica 144-41 JCC Building
Jamaica, NY 11435

JQ LLC said...

The thing about this is that truckers have been doing this under various underpasses for years, I've seen rigs parked under the abandoned rockaway rail-line.

But this time there might be a huge difference, and it wouldn't be possible without good old social media and intrepid reporters like Mr. Moretti

This has the earmark and potential of possibly exposing another NYPD, developer and investor type scandal like the current one involving all those scumbags in Brooklyn. Why would the cops sent there conclude that it wasn't a threat or even a simple parking violation, considering the zeal with the way our police treats unconfirmed threats with excessive deployments and that ticketing drivers is a big funding resource to the cities coffers.

Anonymous said...

What is the poster says about terrorism is so scary yet so true. That LIRR overpass may seem dated and the area around it drab at best, but it is literally the main artery for all of south shore and central LIRR access- if that thing was taken out, it would be total havoc. Unbelievable that this abandoned truck nonsense is not being addressed.

JQ LLC said...

And it's also a soft target, The preferred operative attack for resultant mass casualties

Anonymous said...

And what if that trailer is filled with nitrate explosives?
Homeland Insecurity at their jobs doing little to protect Queens.
Now of this were the tourist corridor of Manhattan....BINGO!

Anonymous said...

Why would the cops sent there conclude that it wasn't a threat or even a simple parking violation, considering the zeal with the way our police treats unconfirmed threats with excessive deployments and that ticketing drivers is a big funding resource to the cities coffers.

I think the answer is that they were too lazy to actually go there. It's easier to just check a box and say they found nothing. It also happens when I report cars parked on the street under "car covers," with their license plates and registration stickers completely hidden from view. Nothing to see here, especially when you either don't go or don't care.

Anonymous said...

And the political elites wonder why we don't trust them.
The force active duty US military (in uniform) to get groped, but they ignore the obvious.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

HL Menckin

Anonymous said...

"I think the answer is that they were too lazy to actually go there."

Not lazy. They are likely being instructed to ignore things like this.

Just like the FBI is prohibited from pursing Muslims.

JQ LLC said...

Now of this were the tourist corridor of Manhattan....BINGO!

Bingo, just a few months ago to be precise.

An elephant doesn't sting; a mosquito stings. said...

That's spelled "Mencken".

Anonymous said...

Here is some insight on your local Police Precinct's. I use to work for the Police Department before the internet days we were instructed to tell people that called with these kind of complaints to act like we were taking down the information and tell the person that a Police officer will be following up. Please I use to actually write it down and handed it to a Police Officer and it was tossed in the garbage. Now we have the internet so it is a little bit better as now you have a paper trail.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon,

you mean like this?

(sarc) said...

It was filled with horse manure, and the culprits are trying to figure out why it did not go BOOOOOM.

Is that not how a "fertilizer" bomb works???

Anonymous said...

Those types of trailers are used to transport household trash. So the smell of them is probably a health hazard (in a confined space such as those tunnels).

They are also a public safety hazard to anyone walking through those tunnels - they block the view of the sidewalk from the street. It's literally a perfect place for rapists, drug users, and muggers.

Your best bet here is to call NY1. The government doesn't give a fuck until it's in the news, and having met some NY1 reporters, they're always looking for a story.

The street is probably explicitly marked for truck parking - the DOT could remedy that very quickly by changing it to 'no standing'.

Anonymous said...

If you see something, say something?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand it. How is it that the very same police who give out endless tickets for vanishingly minor infractions won't give out easy and well deserved tickets in cases like this?

Don't they have a quota to meet?

>None of this bullshit would be tolerated in Forest Hills.

Hahahaha, if only.