Friday, June 10, 2016

New pre-K costs $6.5M

From CBS 2:

New York City is defending the big cost of renovating a Brooklyn storefront school for 20 pre-kindergarten kids.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported the city is shelling out $6.5 million for the Bay Ridge facility that’s a former retail space.

Mike Reilly, a public school parent who serves on his local community education council, applauds Mayor Bill de Blasio for enacting universal pre-k. However, he fears money was wasted in the rush to implement it, while schools such as PS-37 – which serves special needs students – wait years for needed improvements.

“This is something that he’s going to hang his hat on. That’s what it’s about. He wants to make sure that this is done, but by the same token he shouldn’t be putting things to the wayside,” Reilly said.

The Department of Education, though, isn’t blinking an eye over the price tag.


Anonymous said...

$6.5 million for twenty kids? maybe this sorry excuse for a mayor should be focusing on putting that money towards actual per-existing schools that are dilapidated and falling apart.

this guy is a joke.

Anonymous said...

6.5 million for space to babysit 20 kids, wow! Just wow!

Deke DaSilva said...

Yes, but Comrade de Blasio has good intentions, and that's all that matters.

This project will definitely cost much more than $6.5 million, when has a city project ever come in under budget?

When Comrade de Blasio is done increasing tax rates of the wealthy, he can increase the tax rates of the middle class.

But don't dare question his intentions, because they are always good!

Anonymous said...

What? We have crumbling schools desperate for money, and 20 kids get $6.5 million worth of infrastructure?

Are they all the children of his real estate buddies or something?

Anonymous said...

That idiot of a mayor should be tarred and feathered

Anonymous said...

I told you you'd miss Bloomberg. Light years better.

Anonymous said...

Notice how fast all of the investigations have suddenly and conveniently disappeared from the media? Come on Preet, let's bring this to a close already . Get the cuffs ready.

Anonymous said...

It was all just a convenient way to convert even more private homes to "churches" with daycare and pre-k!

Stop offering services to people!!! NYC needs to get rid of people, not attract them!!!

(sarc) said...

We need to prepare for all the Syrian refugees in addition to the illegal minors flooding over our southern border.

It is also imperative that these impressionable little children are properly indoctrinated into members of the Comrad's party at the earliest of ages.

Initially it worked very well in Germany...

Anonymous said...

6.5 million is chump change in this city for a public works project. Should be BILLIONS.