Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Queens Library now involved in de Blasio woes

From Progress Queens:

Large campaign contributors, lobbyists doubling as bundlers, lawyers, and real estate developers were listed on a spreadsheet that totaled 97 names from which top officials in the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) were said to have selected key appointments during his first months in office.

Ultimately, at least 43 of the 97 individuals appearing on the spreadsheet accepted at least one appointment.

The existence of the spreadsheet and some of its details were revealed in a bombshell report published Tuesday by The New York Daily News.

The spreadsheet "shows how the mayor uses the power of his office to reward those who have sent checks his way," wrote the journalists Jennifer Fermino and Greg Smith, adding, in part, later in the report that, the spreadsheet "makes clear the very top of City Hall was involved in coordinating appointments for VIPs."

The news report noted that some individuals listed on the spreadsheet eventually were appointed to government agencies and quasi-government bodies, such as the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, and the Queens Borough Public Library.

...the office of Borough President Katz would not comment when asked by Progress Queens about the possibility that Mayor de Blasio was selecting political supporters to serve as Trustees of the Queens Borough Public Library during a time when the public has been demanding more accountability from the library system's leadership.


JQ LLC said...

The government and development industrial complex has been confirmed. As is the fallacy of Queens being the World's Borough.

The Queens library recently promoted something involving Jane Jacobs birthday that featured certain creeps from the lobbyist, art and real estate industries too.

Anonymous said...

If it's crooked, it lives in Queens..better known as Deadwood.....a mining camp of hucksters, lobbyists doubling as council members....rubber stamp community boards....opportunistic real estate brokers and over developers. Nobody suspects Queens' complicity in city corruption. It is seen as a backward sleepy borough....incapable of not much more than commuting to Manhattan for work. Under the guise of its backwater status, it is the city's most fertile soil for backstabbing, lying, and corruption. Bravo Queens! At least you produce a product that is worthy of the borough....rotten political crooks and bandits. Let's not even discuss Flushing, the epicenter for corruption. Zzzzzzzz...and its community bored snoozes or aids I the sell outs! You know who you are. It's the old follow the buck time.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the feds to scope Chuck Apelian, chair of land abuse at CB 7!
I'll pay for his ornge jump suit when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining, we all know that rich people who can afford big political contributions are smarter than Joe Citizen. We deserve to make all the decisions, we know what is better for you.

JQ LLC said...

We are living in the sequel to City For Sale

Anonymous said...

Thus has it ever been, since the Dutch stole Manhattan for $24 worth of trinkets.

Anonymous said...

Book him Dano.

Anonymous said...

i guess JVB is not a happy camper that is for sure --

Anonymous said...

recently it was reported that DeBlasio funded a nyc Immigration Hispanic group to the tune of $7million to use Q.library space for training & registering to vote for the S.American illegal/migrant /refugees. In advance of Obama's amnesty conflict with the courts .

taxpayers :shut up & pay your taxes for the Marxist among us.

Anonymous said...

the commenter left out DEM.U.S.Sen.Chuck Shumer's wife as a new member to the Q.library payroll.enroute from Q.Library. always drinking from the public taxpayer trough and pension funds.Will Chuckie be your next DEM.Senate Majority Leader ?

Anonymous said...

Patronage jobs at the Queens library? No! I am shocked! One hand washes the other or its mutual reciprocal jerk off time.

Anonymous said...

the commenter left out DEM.U.S.Sen.Chuck Shumer's wife as a new member to the Q.library payroll.enroute from Q.Library.

Schumer's wife, Iris Weinshall, works for New York Public Library, not the Queens Public Library. They're separate; separately run; and separately funded.

Anonymous said...

That Janes Jacobs program by the library was greeted by guffaws across the city. Credit to the MAS guys for posting it on their 'official' roster of events but (off the record) there was a bit of chuckling along the lines 'what can you expect from Queens' in preservation circles.

Yes, it represented categorically everything she stood against. The worst part of the program was the 'coming of age segment of the panelists' who told everyone how she influenced their lives. All you had to do was walk around LIC after the program to see how they missed the boat. Completely.

But the real concern is the concentration of information (subsidized by scandalous levels of public money) to get the word out on those things the developers want to be the received gospel truth for communities.

Anyone with a different take is cut off and banished.

A big thank you to library alum Jimmy Van Bramer. LIC be forewarned!

It is dangerous to the American public to do this.

It only shows what everyone on Crappy has been saying all along - the rot in the library goes far beyond Galante - who is only a creature of its culture. Removing the board without making them accountable, and slowly replacing them with the like (that school guy they put in there is harmless temporary window dressing) must be outed and stopped.


A library is not the politburo for the party, nor is it a capital funded trough for well connected cronies and nephews. It should be taken over the the city and restored to its previous function as a source of knowledge and ideas.