Thursday, June 9, 2016

Catch basin hazards in Jackson Heights

From PIX11:

Residents called PIX11 News to investigate nasty catch basins in their Queens neighborhood posing a threat to pedestrians and bicyclists trying to traverse the streets.

When we arrived on Wednesday, we spotted a young family with a new baby having to watch their step while walking past a busted catch basin on Northern Boulevard and 74th Street.

Mohammad Haque called it a hazard.

Residents said they’ve been complaining to the city about the problem for months but nothing has been done to fix the issue.

“It’s terrible; an accident waiting to happen,” one passerby said.


(sarc) said...

They will come and dump some more low grade "quick mix" asphalt into the hole.

All fixed.

It will then fall apart again in a week.

To rebuild the sewer properly, the cost is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No politician wants to be at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a sewer, however appropriate, so the incentive for doing the job correctly is not there.

This will go on and on until a major accident or severe injury occurs, then the monies will come from "emergency funding" so the politicians perks and allowances are not lost.

Just wait and watch your money flow down the drain...

Anonymous said...

looks like it ain't the first time its been fixed

JQ LLC said...

Doesn't Dromm know that the city already alleviated the problem with the traffic cones and that serrated plank. You think concerned citizens put those there?

Anonymous said...

Call the DEP and wait six months until the decide to fix it, then, watch them throwing all the debris in the catch basin because beside being too well paid they are lazy.

Anonymous said...

GIVE THE DEP 10 or 20 years. It should get done by then.

kapimap said...

For those that may remember, all these catch basin were removed for sewer rubish removal about 4 years back. Bloombergs plan.

They were cleaned ,but never put back together properly. Such a huge hazard. A child can fall in, cars get damaged, people trip and get hurt. All over jackson heights, woodside, etc... 311 needs to get a call from everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Danny Dromm is only interested in gay rights.
JH looks like shit. Let's get a grant to restore "Vaseline Alley" and get it declared a city landmark just like the Stonewall.
Maybe Jimmy Van Brammer could ass-ist! LOL!