Thursday, June 23, 2016

Build-It-Back project topples over in Brooklyn

From NBC:

A Sandy-damaged home in Brooklyn that was undergoing construction under the city's Build It Back program collapsed Wednesday, just as a family was getting ready to move back in, neighbors say.

The home at 70 Beacon Court in Gerritsen Beach was badly damaged during the 2012 storm, and was finally being repaired, according to neighbors.

It toppled over Wednesday, leaving beams sticking in the air and separating the floor from its foundation.


JQ LLC said...

the house that love and neoliberalism built

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. Truly shocked.

John Ciafone Manor said...

I'll buy it up and make it into 70 Beacon Court Manor just for the Queens Crapper.

Anonymous said...

It should be called Build it Black. It's a scam agency. they only want blacks and immigrants working there.

Anonymous said...

We're from the Government and we're here to help.